Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Cautionary Tale

Here are some things to keep in mind as you go about your daily lives...

If you see an ad on TV regarding body wax and think that you need that...think again.

If you decide to go against your initial thought of not getting the body wax and buy it anyways don't buy the big pack.

If you continue to go agains the initial thoughts you had about said body wax make sure you read the instructions.

If you read the instructions and they say if you are not an experienced body waxer to start with something easy like your legs, don't ignore them and figure you can start with your bikini area.  How hard could it be right?!

Well let me tell you, it is not easy.  And you may or may not still have wax in areas you don't really want wax the next day.  And you may feel like you wasted that $8 you spent on that GIANT box of body wax because you may never want to try this again because YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERIENCED WAXER.

So yeah.  Just helping you out because I do stupid things like this on a daily basis.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jacoby Update

6 months.  Can you believe it?  Jacoby is 6 months old.  It's hard for me to fathom that over 6 months ago this little critter was born!  He has quite the personality and I think he knows he has to if he doesn't want to be out-shone by his brother every. single. day.  Leo is madly in love still with his little brother but Jacoby is still immobile so once he starts getting into Leo's stuff all the time we will see if the love is still there.  And of course Jacoby loves Leo equally.  It's actually pretty ridiculous really how much they love each other.  All Leo has to do is talk and Jacoby is enthralled with what he is saying.  Even if it is a bunch of gibberish.  And if Leo so much as looks in Jacoby's direction it is sure to illicit a grin.  It's pretty darn cute if I may say so myself!

Jacoby has gotten over his colic so that makes us very happy here.  He has continued to have some health issues but nothing major.  He's had 3 ear infection and the doctor said 1-2 more before going to the ear, nose and throat doctor for tubes.  We're hoping that the warm weather will rid him of ear infections so we won't have to go that route but if not we will do what is needed.  Other than that he still has the constant congestion but again, we're just working through it.  Within the past month he's started eating baby foods.  Of course the fruit is his favorite (with banana being his favorite of those so far) but at daycare he gets a wide variety of what he gets to eat.  Other than that we love everything about him and can't wait to see his personality grow even more!  Below are some pictures I've been taking every month to document growth and what not!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RTT: Musings from the weekend

It's April 24th.  We are almost 1/3 of the way done with the year!!  Can you believe that?  I can't.  Time goes by so quickly even when I am wanting it to slow down so I can bask in the moment of now.  But since it's not let's get down to some random with Stacy.


Who buys the items (mainly clothes) from the ads in the Sunday paper?  I really want to know?  The horrible pants and shoes that are always there lead me to wonder who is buying it.  And you know they are because if they weren't there wouldn't continue to be ads selling it. 

We are signing Leo up for T-ball.  This will be his first team sport we are trying.  We've done swimming lessons and gymnastics but this will be his first sport where he will have to work with others to try to win.  I'm actually not sure if there are winners in T-ball where we go but I hope there are. Because I do not like the leagues where everyone wins.  I don't think that really teaches anyone anything.  Because life has winners and losers.  But that's just me.

We got Leo enrolled in kindergarten about a month ago.  It's at the Catholic school here in town.  There is a dress code (uniforms, etc.) but Leo needs new shoes.  And since the dress code includes certain types of shoes (no loud colors, no lights, no wheels) I figured why buy a pair now that he won't be able to wear then.  So when I took him to look at shoes he threw a hissy fit when I told him that.  And the ones that were really cute that I figured he would like he was against them.  And I think it's only because he wanted something else.  So we left with no new shoes.  We'll try again at one other place but if he doesn't find any that works I'm just going back to Wal-Mart to get the ones I liked!

This Friday I am going to Final Friday with some girlfriends and I'm really looking forward to it.  It's an art crawl where a lot of shops in the downtown area have art from local artists.  It's really cool and I haven't gone to one in 2 years.  So of course it's supposed to rain.  But here's hoping the weatherman is wrong or it at least holds out until the end of the night!

Baseball season has officially started and the Royals...suck.  They've lost 10 in a row and haven't won a single game at home this season.  If they keep it up it will make for a looong season.  Hopefully when we go in a few weeks they can at least pull off 1 win!  We're going for 2 games but I'll settle for 1 win!

Ok, that's enough today.  Hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spin Cycle: Compliments" _mce_href="" target="_blank"> /" _mce_src=" /" alt="Second Blooming">

Compliments...hmmm.  There is a lot of ways I can go with this.  Gretchen gave some great ideas in her layout for us and I'm going to take a few from her.

I am very, very uncomfortable when people give me compliments.  I never know how to be gracious when people say something nice to me.  Not that people are constantly complimenting me, but especially when I was losing weight people were saying things to me and I was just always embarassed. 

But on the flip-side of that I have no problem giving people compliments.  And I don't give them freely but if I see something I like on someone, or if they've changed something and I like it then I tell them. 

Finally...I give compliments to Leo all the time.  As a kid I don't think that you should hold things back if you think they're doing something good.  I'm sure I tell him things way more frequently than I need to but if he does something that I appreciate I'm going to tell him.  I am not one of those parents that think if you give your kids too many compliments then it will make them feel entitled.  But I also don't give just willy-nilly compliments.  Like, Leo your hair looks so nice today.  No, not so much.  If he picks up his toys without me asking, or if he draws a nice picture then I'm going to say something.

So there you have it.  My take on compliments. Go see Gretchen and the other spinners and compliment them on their lovely writing!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life Recap

I've been MIA for almost 3 weeks and not much has been going on but I'll give you a quick recap of what's been going on.

Easter was 2 weeks ago.  We had a really nice weekend.  I didn't have to work that weekend and so the hubby and I had my parents watch the boys while we did a little Easter shopping.  It was the first time we'd been together alone since Valentine's day weekend.  And of course his family decided to come into town so then we lost our chance at a "date".  So we went to lunch with them and then spent the evening at his sister's house eating dinner and decorating eggs.  Sunday we spent going to church and then spent the afternoon at my aunt and uncle's house stuffing our faces and egg hunting.  An all in all fun weekend.

That work week was my last in the branch where I worked.  I had found out the previous week that I had gotten a position internally and would be moving to our downtown location in a different department so I spent the week cleaning up work that needed to be finished and making sure I said my farewells to my friends where I worked.

The next weekend was a crazy weekend because we were expecting very severe storms including tornadoes.  Since Kansas is used to tornadoes the part of knowing we were expecting them was fine, but I was at work and the boys were at home so it was stressful not knowing if/when it would hit and where we would be.  Thankfully I made it home and we got over to my parent's house (who have a basement) before the sirens went off.  The storm was really close to their house but thankfully there was no damage.  About 2 miles away from their house was pretty severe damage to a lot of houses and businesses (including my mom's work--she's been off work all week due to damage) so we were very lucky.

This past week I started my new job. I  now work in the main bank location in the international department.  It's pretty crazy that there is so much to learn but so far I love it.  Let's hope that keeps up! :)  I will say one of my favorite perks about the job is that I work a set schedule Monday-Friday 8-5.  I always know I will be home in the evenings and weekends.  Woo hoo!

And finally this weekend has been pretty laid back.  Saturday morning we started with Leo's bowling.  He bowled a 92 with 2 strikes.  Go him!  Then I took him to a friend's birthday party and dropped him off at 2.  They didn't bring him home until almost 7:30.  They must have been having a GREAT time!  I ended up eating dinner with my parents and some of their friends for my mom's birthday.  It was really nice.  Today has been a lazy day.  I didn't get much sleep last night because Jacoby decided since I messed up his sleep schedule yesterday he would mess mine up last night!  So I stayed in bed until almost 10.  From there we have just hung out.  The boys both took early naps (around 11 until 2 and 3) and I caught up on my shows that I had recorded.  I need to do laundry and make a meal plan for the week but we'll see if that happens!

Well that's what has been going on in my world.  If you've gotten this far...thank you!  Hopefully I will not go 2 more weeks between blogging but who knows.  I'm sure with the summer coming there will be a lot to blog about!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pushing out a spin

With spring springing Gretchen chose birth as our spin topic this week.  I feel I have some experience in that department.  And while everyone has their story I'll share both of mine here.  For the faint of heart (or people who just don't care to read about birth) please do not continue!

Leo joined our family a week earlier than expected.  I went to my weekly doctor's appointment on February 22nd 2007.  It was a Thursday.  After my appointment where I was checked to see if I was dilated the hubby and I went on our usual trip to Taco Bueno.  It was a little ritual we had before or after each appointment.  So I stopped by the bathroom and I was bleeding.  The doctor said this could happen but still I was surprised.  I had already lost my plug and was dilated and having the Braxton Hicks contractions so I was semi-prepared.  I went home that day and the contractions kept coming.  So that night I was too amped up to sleep.  The contractions continued and they seemed to be about 5 minutes apart.  I took a shower and got completely ready because I knew pictures would happen and I wanted to be prepared (haha!).  I finally woke the hubby up and said let's go. We got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the machines and started measuring the contractions.  Yep they were 5 minutes apart but bad news...I was still only dilated to a 3.  Not close enough to keep.  They told me to walk the halls of the labor and delivery for an hour and if I hadn't progressed home I went.  So we walked and walked and walked some more.  Finally the hour was up and I hadn't progressed.  So home we went.  The hubby stopped by the bank and we made our final car payment for my car (yippee!!) and then at Spangles to get me some french toast sticks.  Finally we got home.  He had to be at work since it wasn't baby time and he needed to save as many days as he could.  My boss told me to go ahead and stay home.  So all day I tried to rest but the contractions continued.  Until finally around 9 that night I felt wet.  And so I called the on call nurse and she said to stick on a pad and if it was soaked in an hour then my water broke and to go back to the hospital.  So I waited an hour.  And it wasn't.  But the contractions were getting WAY worse.  And so finally the hubby made the decision to go back.  I was hemming and hawing because i didn't want to get sent away again.  But we went.  And it was pouring rain. They tested me and said yes my water had broke so it was baby time. We called my parents and let them know and so they came up around midnight.    And I was a beast.  I FINALLY got my epidural after what seemed like forever and they put me in my own room.  (on a side note my mom said I was a lot nicer after my epidural, but I still think I was pretty good the whole time!)  By this time it's around 2 in the morning and I'm still not dilating so they put me on the lovely pitocin.  This parts the boring part so I'll skip to the end...about 9 hours later it's time to push and I do for what seemed like forever and out came Leo in all his baby glory!  After about 36 hours in labor my sweet little baby boy was born.  And then they whisked him away to the NICU for 3 days before letting us go for an unknown fever and the rest is history!

My whole pregnancy with Jacoby was different so I shouldn't be surprised now how different my boys really are but the birthing part was much easier this go around!  Again I had gone to my weekly doctor's appointment but this one had been on a Wednesday I think.  I was already dilated to a 3 and had been for about a week.  We were supposed to be going to Dodge City that weekend to visit the inlaws.  My doctor told me that really wasn't advisable so the boys went and I stayed home.  And all weekend I hung out in my bed and relaxed.  I had contractions all weekend but had been having them off and all all the previous week so I wasn't too concerned.  The boys got home Sunday afternoon and the contractions were continuing.  I had my parents on standby so they could watch Leo if we had to jet to the hospital.  And of course overnight my contractions woke me up and I knew it was time.  Well I thought it was time anyways.  I was talking with the hubby and was trying to decide if I should go and he could just come up a little later in the morning so he could let Leo sleep and then take him to daycare.  We decided that this was probably the real deal and called my parents and off we went.  We got to the hospital and my contractions were really close.  Like 2-3 minutes apart but I was still only dilated to a 3.  The resident kept coming in to check me and told me that they might not keep me and I about flipped.  Because seriously?!  2-3 minutes apart and you're going to tell me to go home? I don't think so!  Luckily my doctor is awesome and said that I could stay and that they would just break my water and induce me.  So they did that (which is so strange.  Like you just feel like a big bag of water was dumped on your nether-regions.  Or you peed yourself.  One of the two)  And started filling me with pitocin.  I progressed really quickly this time and within hours it was time to push.  But then my doctor was on her way and so they told me to not push anymore.  Again, I was like seriously?! I don't care if my doctor's here.  Just get this baby outta me!!  But I was able to wait and the doctor got there and out slid Jacoby.  Although we didn't have a name yet for him.  We just kind of looked at him for awhile and the hubby let me have my way and that's how we ended up there.  So Jacoby arrived in less than 9 hours and 3 weeks early.  A much easier process.  Which makes it easier to think about another.  But that's neither here nor there!

So there you have it.  The story of how my baby boys joined this crazy place we call life.  Sorry if it was too graphic.  It's actually kind of nice to have it down now so that way I can always remember it.  And maybe use it as leverage when I'm old and trying to win an argument.  I can picture it now...Leo is trying to tell me how mean I am and I say...I labored for 36 hours with you.  You better be nice to me!

Alright.  Now go see other spins about birth with Gretchen! 


Today was my second long day at work in a row.  I'm talking 9:30-8 long.  And I got home about 8:20 and my day didn't get to stop. 

I cleaned up the boys dinner mess.
I washed bottles.
I made rice krispie treats for Leo's Easter party tomorrow for school
I gave Leo a bath

All before 9.  I really am getting the hang of this working parent thing.  (5 years later!!)

Also...this whole giving up sweets for Lent has kicked my butt.  Especially when Leo requests one of my all-time favorite treats to take for his class party.  I didn't even get to clean the spoon or the bowl after making rice krispie treats!  On the upside I have lost about 5 pounds.  Apparently I eat more sweets than I thought!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RTT: Hunger Games, New Job and Yard Work

Another Tuesday some more random. Join up with Stacy and random it up with us.

Working in retail you see a lot of disgusting things. And I don’t have too many things that make me feel sick but the one thing that sicks me out to no end is people clipping their fingernails. I don’t even like it when the hubby does it when I’m around. Well on Saturday I was helping a customer (a dirty one at that) and he started clipping his nails while I was cashing his check. Seriously?! It literally made me gag when I heard the sound. And to top it off he left his clippings on our counter. So disgusting!

Monday was the NCAA National Championship basketball game. If you’ve been around here for awhile you know I am a diehard KU Jayhawks fan. Well good news for me…they are in the championship game! I’m writing this on Monday so I don’t know who won yet but I’m sure it will be a good game. So exciting! I’m even drinking a little bit. Getting a blender and mixing me up some daiquiris! Woo hoo!

Some little-ish kids came to our door Friday night asking if we wanted them to mow our yard. I’m a sucker for kids coming door to door because I used to be that kid. So I said yes. It was $20 for front and back. They came on Saturday while I was at work and did a really good job on the front yard. And I guess they started the back and their mower messed up. So they didn’t finish. So the hubby had to. But still. They were so darn cute. I couldn’t say no! I also think I’m going to give them a call and see about them mowing our yard once per month from May-August and use that as a Father’s Day present for the hubby. I’m sure that would be something he would appreciate!

I finally got my good news from work. I had applied for a position at our main bank for an international specialist and after two weeks of waiting and cursing and waiting some more I got an offer. I don’t have a start date yet but hopefully it will be in two weeks and I’ll never have to work a Saturday again! I’m so freaking excited. It will hopefully ease a lot of my stresses from not being home in the evenings and on weekends and make me feel less guilty when I do things away from the kiddos.

Have you seen the Hunger Games movie? I have. Twice. I went on opening day (big mistake) with my cousin for her birthday present and then I went with my mom when she got back in town from a business trip. Also, I’m re-reading the books. I know a lot of people thought the movie left a lot to be desired but I thought it was pretty good. I know they left stuff out but if they didn’t it could have turned into a 3 hour movie! The only part I was disappointed in was they hardly spent any time on Katniss’s design team. They showed Cinna but not really anyone else. I think they play an integral part in her disdain for Capital people. Oh well. Now I have to wait 20 months until the next movie comes out. That’s almost 2 years people!

I gave up sweets for Lent and I only have 5 more days to go. And I am dying here people. This has definitely been a major sacrifice. I’ve gone to 4 birthday parties and not had any cake or ice cream and it’s been girl scout cookie season. The plus side is I’ve lost about 5 pounds. Apparently I eat more sweets than I thought. So only 5 more to go until I’ve made it back to pre-Jacoby weight. Unfortunately the distribution of the weight has changed! :)

Ok…enough from me. What about you…what’s going on in your life? The more random the better!