Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jacoby Update

6 months.  Can you believe it?  Jacoby is 6 months old.  It's hard for me to fathom that over 6 months ago this little critter was born!  He has quite the personality and I think he knows he has to if he doesn't want to be out-shone by his brother every. single. day.  Leo is madly in love still with his little brother but Jacoby is still immobile so once he starts getting into Leo's stuff all the time we will see if the love is still there.  And of course Jacoby loves Leo equally.  It's actually pretty ridiculous really how much they love each other.  All Leo has to do is talk and Jacoby is enthralled with what he is saying.  Even if it is a bunch of gibberish.  And if Leo so much as looks in Jacoby's direction it is sure to illicit a grin.  It's pretty darn cute if I may say so myself!

Jacoby has gotten over his colic so that makes us very happy here.  He has continued to have some health issues but nothing major.  He's had 3 ear infection and the doctor said 1-2 more before going to the ear, nose and throat doctor for tubes.  We're hoping that the warm weather will rid him of ear infections so we won't have to go that route but if not we will do what is needed.  Other than that he still has the constant congestion but again, we're just working through it.  Within the past month he's started eating baby foods.  Of course the fruit is his favorite (with banana being his favorite of those so far) but at daycare he gets a wide variety of what he gets to eat.  Other than that we love everything about him and can't wait to see his personality grow even more!  Below are some pictures I've been taking every month to document growth and what not!

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