Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today was my second long day at work in a row.  I'm talking 9:30-8 long.  And I got home about 8:20 and my day didn't get to stop. 

I cleaned up the boys dinner mess.
I washed bottles.
I made rice krispie treats for Leo's Easter party tomorrow for school
I gave Leo a bath

All before 9.  I really am getting the hang of this working parent thing.  (5 years later!!)

Also...this whole giving up sweets for Lent has kicked my butt.  Especially when Leo requests one of my all-time favorite treats to take for his class party.  I didn't even get to clean the spoon or the bowl after making rice krispie treats!  On the upside I have lost about 5 pounds.  Apparently I eat more sweets than I thought!!

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