Thursday, August 5, 2010


Do you ever feel like the butterfly flapped its wings in the wrong direction and turned a peaceful setting into a monstrous one? Well that happened to me Tuesday night and I just want to vent about it.

Men. Harumph. Both the hubby and I had to work late so my parents had watched Leo until we both got off. I went to pick him up knowing that he would be tired and cranky but not ready for bed. I also knew that we all had to be up early the next morning to get off to work and that if he didn’t go to bed when we got home he would be a bear the next morning. So I get him home and his dad is already home. We realize we are out of milk. Strike one. I get Leo situated with a snack and off to bed about 9. An hour later than normal but we were both still at work for bedtime. He comes out of his room wanting milk so I, being the nice mom that I am, offered to go get some. And because all of our leftovers did not sound appealing I told hubby that I would stop and get something. Hubby informs Leo that he can stay up until I get back from getting milk (snort. Worst idea ever, but I’ll be gone)

So I go get the milk. Run to McDonalds and get back home. While trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything inside one of the pops spill. All. Over. My. Car. I am now pissed. I grab a few items to go in the house and no one even helps me open the door. I get inside and Leo jumps up in my way and yells. I tell him no and to sit down. And by tell I mean yell. I also yell at hubby thanks for helping me. Grab the roll of paper towels and storm back out to my car. No can I help you? No what’s going on. He just sits there. I come back inside and we start to bicker back and forth. I get Leo back in bed after he whines for French fries saying he is hungry when I know he just wants McDonalds. Hubby snaps that he (Leo) can eat whatever he wants and so when I offer him carrots he doesn’t want them and I prove my point. I go back out to eat my food and the hubby and I continue to bicker. He tells me that I am overreacting and that I am only mad because the pop spilled. I tell him that that is one of the things that upset me, but also the other things I’ve stated above! I tell him I didn’t understand how he didn’t hear me struggling to get in and he tells me he’s sorry he doesn’t wait on me hand and foot and that I should have made more than one trip to bring stuff in. He also tells me that he didn’t need the food I got so I tell him fine, don’t eat it. I’ll just take it for lunch tomorrow. He ends up getting up and going to the other room. I finally am ready to go to bed and he has left his food and his pop on the floor in the living room. I go into the bedroom and he is laying on the bed watching TV. I ask him if he was going to eat his food or put it away and he told me it’s my food. That once I said I would take it for lunch it was no longer his. So he was just going to leave it out there! On the floor! So I storm back out there and while I’m putting it away Leo comes out of his room and wants something and on and on. So when I go back to bed I tell hubby that he just leaves whenever he gets mad and he tells me that since Leo was already in bed and asleep it shouldn’t matter. And I tell him that he was not in bed or asleep and he knew that. And then we went to bed.

This morning we woke up and we acted as if nothing had happened. Neither side apologized and I’m still a little mad. But I also know that it isn’t a big deal so I’m just dropping it. But what do you all think. Was I overreacting? If I am I’ll take it into consideration. But also, I think he was a little bit of a jerk for just leaving his food out.

**Edited to add…whilst typing this blog hubby emailed me an apology. So of course I apologized too. I told him that sometimes I just feel I’m carrying a burden and that I feel like I need a little help. But it was nice that he extended the olive branch. And we both said that it escalated to a point that it didn’t need to. And of course going to be angry is never good! I guess all’s well that ends well. **


Sprite's Keeper said...

I can't tell you how many times I've been in that position where we're already stressed, running late for everything, the kid not sticking to routine throws her monkey wrench in too, and then everything blows up just because we don't have the patience. Yes, you overreacted. But so did he. And so did Leo. (once he knows the french fries are there, why would he ever settle for carrots? I dealt with this yesterday when Sprite spied a box of cheezits at Costco and acted like her life depended on us getting a box. Ending: I didn't buy it. She lived. Go fig.)
Glad he apologized first. Sometimes, he just should, you know?

kendrasue said...

Yep. After letting the dust settle I know I overreacted! Oh well. What's done is done! Thanks for the input!

Heather said...

I would have lost it too! AND I don't even have kids! The hubby issue of not showing any consideration of trying to help with the spill, would have threw me over the edge. We have only had that issue twice and he finally got it. He's a quick learner!

The food on the floor, well...Thankfully that has never happened.

kendrasue said...

Yeah, the food was in the bag still but come on...don't leave it out!