Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RTT: More Rebel Randoming

Another random Tuesday without the queen of random but we will have to forge on without her. Because that’s all I got folks. Just some random to pass my time! And apparently so does Stacy because she has kept up the craziness while Keely has been playing in the snow (apparently no one told her it’s April!).

  • Prom has been happening around our town recently and I had the pleasure of seeing some of the young ladies (I’m using that term loosely and you might to if you had seen some of the dresses they were wearing!) in the grocery store where I work as a banker getting their boutonnieres for the big day. It makes me remember the whimsical feeling I never had when going to prom. Haha! I had fun at prom but it was definitely all unicorns and rainbows the movies make it out to be!
  • There have been some small children running by our bank branch and just demanding balloons. It is driving me crazy. And their parents don’t even say anything. Some today just ran by and were like can we have balloons? I made them say please and thank you because their mom wasn’t around. It just grated my nerves. I also saw a parent let their at least 4 year old cough in her face. If Leo does not cover his mouth when he sneezes or coughs I tell him to. And I definitely don’t let him cough in my face. That is gross. And if the parents of children are not going to do it I can only imagine the treat I will be in when Leo starts kindergarten. I’m sure I will be disgusted by the little hoodlums running around. And it’s not surprising all the statistics of kids being out sick from school. It’s no wonder if parents aren’t teaching their children proper hygiene.
  • I saw one of my co-workers eating a Butterfinger today and I decided that it looked good enough to get one for myself. BIG MISTAKE. Apparently my brain forgets that I am not a big chocolate/candy person. And that even though it looked delicious I did not need it. It did not hit the spot. Ah well.
  • If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my tweet yesterday about my sweet hubby. He is now not working weekends (lucky ducky) and Leo got to go to a farm with grandpa on Saturday while I had to work so I walked out the door yesterday telling him he could clean the kitchen or the bathroom. I was chuckling at my own joke but when I got home the joke was on me. The house had been cleaned. Well everything but the bathroom but I can’t complain too much! And then on Sunday while Leo and I were at the Renaissance Fair he mowed the grass and picked up the yard. What a good hubby. But I’m just waiting to see what his ulterior motives are! Maybe he is just exponentially less stressed at his new job that this will become the new normal.
  • Monday was a super slow day at work (which is where I’m typing this…or am I?!) And I even volunteered to stay until 8 because the supervisor who was closing was sick. So I am working a 7:30a-8p shift on what I think is the slowest day EVER. But it gives me time to do this (or does it?!) and make my list of what I’m going to get to help the Easter Bunny prepare baskets Saturday night. My sweet Leo will get an Easter cartoon (probably Dora), and Easter book and then maybe a DS game. And then probably a few Easter eggs filled with some gum or jelly beans. But not much. Because that kid will devour candy if I let him. And I don’t want him to. The hubby’s basket will have some Starburst and then How I Met Your Mother season 5 because it’s on sale at Target and then my basket will be filled with the new Harry Potter movie. So excited! I don’t know if I can wait until Sunday to re-watch it!
  • I hate to admit it but I want to see Scream 4. And Fast Five. And the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And of course the final chapter in the Harry Potter book. Holy cow…not that I’ll see all these in theater (probably just Pirates and Harry Potter) but there are a lot of summer movies I am ready to spend my money on! Alright. It’s time for you to move along.
Don’t forget to go visit the other rebel randomers. We won’t stop until Keely comes back to play!


Terra H. said...

I sooo want to see The Fast Five. But I'm sooo not willing to pay theater prices. I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD. Paul Walker, yummy!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm like you - no way would I let Princess Nagger cough in my face...gross!

I'm leaning towards it being the 'new normal' with your hubby's new job and lower-stress level. He's a keeper! :)

Sounds like you're putting together perfect Easter goodies! :)

Thanks for the shout-out and linking up - here's hoping our fearless leader will return soon!! :)

RTT Rebel Week 4

Kristine said...

I want to see teh new Pirates of the Carribean too. Loved that whole series of movies...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have to say, I'll see all those once they get to Netflix. I kinda wish they hadn't made another Pirates. Why ruin a good thing? Happy RTT!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have to say, I'll see all those once they get to Netflix. I kinda wish they hadn't made another Pirates. Why ruin a good thing? Happy RTT!

VandyJ said...

THe new pairates movie could almost get me to the theater, almost.
Have a great Easter.

Jessica said...

YES about the balloon and coughing kids! I feel SO SORRY for kindergarten and preK teachers. They should be paid like we pay professional athletes. Or maybe featured on "Dirty Jobs."

Captain Dumbass said...

I can't wait for Cowboys and Aliens.