Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RTT: Nails, Haircuts and Taco Bell

Would you look at that? It’s Tuesday again. Which means Stacy is still the queen of random while Keely is still on hiatus. I just hope she is having as much fun as Charlie Sheen did while on hiatus from Two and a Half Men. Without all the drugs though. And the crazy tour of crazy. Unless that’s how she’s rolling these days. To which I say go get it! Anyways…that intro was as random as the rest of this post is going to be so get used to it!

I have been wanting a frozen pizza for the past week but it just hasn’t fit into my eating plans. But last night I had to close so the boys ate leftovers from the weekend and so when I got off work I called the hubby and asked him to pop one in the oven. And when I got home I had a delicious pizza waiting for me. And I devoured it.

I have also been wanting Taco Bell. And while some of you may think that these are crazy pregnancy-related cravings but let me tell you…they’re not. These are things that I want all the time. I think I’m just feeling them more. There is a girl that is pregnant who works with my hubby. And he says that every day at the same time she has to have popcorn. I’m not like that. Just wanting some good food that no one in my family wants to eat with me. So I never get them when I want them.

I have always been a nail-biter. But within the last year I have forced myself not to bite them anymore. I’m not sure why but I was able to overcome the bad habit. And even though I regress sometimes I have had longer, nicer looking nails. But then came a real shock. I have to trim them. I have never in my life had to cut my finger nails. I never had enough nail to cut. So while I was trying to figure out how to do this without ruining my nail on Sunday my hubby just looked at me and laughed. And thought I was a moron. He didn’t say it but I could see it in his eyes. He also told me he wouldn’t do it for me. (Let me assure you I didn’t ask him to…he just said it)

And speaking of grooming ourselves I have a haircut tomorrow! I’m so excited. I was thinking that it had been since last October since I have had a haircut but I remember having to cancel that appointment and so really I haven’t had my haircut in almost a year. Not even a trim. Luckily I have nice hair that doesn’t get crazy split-ends but it is definitely in need of some TLC. So looking forward to it. Pictures will be coming!

We have to renew the tags for hubby’s vehicle. And we didn’t get a renewal notice. So instead of getting to just do it online I have to go to the tag office. And bring a ton of information. So obnoxious. That will be what I’m doing tomorrow around 8am when they first open. Because I don’t want to be there FOREVER.

It’s almost summer time here in Kansas (well at least summer break time) and you can definitely tell. Working in the public on the warm days we see some things that are not suitable for children. The things people wear are ridiculous. Let me just say this…ladies…it is not appropriate to wear just your bathing suit bikini top and shorts into a place of business. It is also not appropriate to be wearing tank tops without bras if you are large chested. I don’t want to see your maracas shaking. And booty shorts?! Just please don’t. If I can see your undies peeking out the bottom they are too short. Actually…if I can see dimples in your thighs you shouldn’t be wearing them. End of story.

But at least because it is summer schedule time I am back to only closing one night a week at work (which is until 8p). That is such a relief. Doing that twice a week was really getting to me. Not only did I have to work until 8 but that is when Leo is *supposed* to be going to bed and so if I saw him I was coming home and putting him directly to bed. And that sucks. So it will be nice to have to only do that once a week again. And since I’m not closing on Tuesdays anymore that means I get to go back to eating dinner at my parents house on Tuesdays with the family. So excited for that!

And finally...I can't stand Lady Gaga. Ok. I've said it. I don't know what it is about her but she gets on my last nerve. We get it...you're edgy. But really...you're not. You're just like all the other edgy artists out there. You need to put some pants on (along with Ke$ha, Beyonce, Rhianna, Madonna etc.). Thank you.

There’s more to say but I feel like you’ve had enough. So have an awesome random Tuesday and go see Stacy and all the other rebel randomers!

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Davina said...

Speaking of random, yes, I am the random person who leaves random things on your doorstep ... books, newspapers and a tube of Mary Kay stuff, since you'd posted about it...but you probably had already figured that out! LOL! :)Love you!