Sunday, May 22, 2011

Productive Sunday

Whew. It's only 1 on Sunday afternoon and I feel like I have accomplished so much already. And I even laid in bed and watched 2 episodes of Law and Order. (I can't help it...anytime it's on I watch it. But the original ones only. Not the SVU or Criminal Intent.) (Well sometimes the Criminal Intent...but I digress).

Anyways...I've been up since 7 because that's when my sweet boy decided he needed to tip-toe into our room. I was alone in bed anyways because the hubby was already up getting ready for a golf outing. So I woke up. And told him to go in the living room because I was not ready for the day. So he did like a good little boy. And so I watched some L&O . And then it was 10 and I was like, man I need to go workout today. So I looked online at the Y and saw the daycare opened at 11 and so I figured I needed to get up and get some stuff done before I went. So I cleaned the bathroom and made Leo pick up all his toys that were taking over the living room. And then we went to the gym. And got home around 12:15. And I still felt like I was lacking in my housekeeping skills. So then I put the towels and sheets in the laundry. And there they are. And now Leo is in bed (supposedly napping because he was sooooo tired) and I am blogging. Not quite the scene of domesticity but I am about to make some mac and cheese and then when that is finished tackle the kitchen. And once the hubby gets home from golf and Leo wakes up from his nap we are going to go get a new bed for him. Because his mattress sits on the floor. Because he won't sleep in a bed and I don't feel it necessary to have one. But at the same time I do. So off we go. I'll post pictures of that once we get it all put together. Wish us luck!

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