Thursday, September 2, 2010

In addition

In addition to my post yesterday about being sick I have one little thing to add...And I'm sorry men if this offends you in any way but....

Why is it when men are sick they get to lay on their rear ends and act like this is the first time anyone in the history of the world has had this illness and they are probably going to die from their perceived illnesses while women still have to do things to keep the house from falling apart?

The hubs and I have had the same sickness for the past 2 days. Both of us stayed home from work on Tuesday. During that day I stayed in our bedroom all day and he stayed out on the couch. BUT I took the little one to school because the worst had passed him and he was cleared to go. I also went to the store to pick up some 7-UP, chicken noodle soup and saltines because we didn't have much left. (we crave sustenance) Then my dear mother said she would pick up the munchkin and keep him until later in the evening but I still had to pick up the living room so it would be presentable. Then today the hubs stayed home from work in the morning and hit up the dr. because he was told not to come in until he knew what he had (which was a joke, because DUH it was a stomach virus and even if he goes to the dr. he will still be contagious) but then went in after his appointment to close the branch and I went in to work this morning because I was an opener but then came home around 9:30. During his time this morning that he was home he go the boy ready for school and then that was it. During my time home I did 2 loads of laundry (only because we are going back to western Kansas this weekend to visit the inlaws) and the dishes. In addition to making the monkey clean his bedroom and giving him a bath after I fed him (even though it was a Happy Meal!) But still. That is a lot to get accomplished.

I'm just saying...I think it's silly that men and women behave so much differently when it comes to the same thing. I guess that is the same for a lot of different situations. Just rambling thoughts I guess! Happy Thursday!

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Heather said...

I have no idea, but sure do wish I knew the answer. My hubby hardly ever gets sick but when he does... Oh my goodness, the man is dying!!!