Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm not really sure that this is karma but I kept seeing signs at the store where I work that they offer flu shots. And I'm all, flu shots in September? Ridiculous! The flu season sure starts early around here. And while I never get a flu shot anyways (I'm allergic to chicken feathers, and since there are feathers in part of the vaccine I am unable to get it) I still thought it was weird that they were advertising it already. But what should happen in the Fernandez household? That's right. We get the flu. Not the real flu, but the stomach flu. I have been home for the past 2 days heaving into the toilet, and then laying in bed writhing in pain because it felt like my spry 26-year-old body had turned into that of an old, old man. I was in pain from my shoulders to my ankles. It was the worst feeling ever. I (don't think) I have ever had the stomach flu. I'm more of a sinus infection with a side of bronchitis type of girl so this has been pure hell for me. I hate throwing up. It is probably the worst thing ever. And maybe it's because I never throw up. I think it is a sign of weakness. Ok, that's a stretch, but seriously I never throw up. It's pretty gross. And toilets are just never as clean as they need to be when you're leaning over staring at the water on the inside. But that's neither here nor there. Oh yeah, and the worst part about this whole ordeal. My sweet baby boy who is 99.9% potty trained was seen dashing through the hallway trying to make it to the bathroom and a few minutes later I hear a call for help. I go in there, sweating and nauseous, only to find that he couldn't make it and I had to clean him up. It was a perfect time because it was 4 in the morning. Pretty amazing. So bathtime at 4. Woo hoo. So yeah, probably not karma that I was making fun of the signs at work but still annoying none the less. And if I came to any of your blogs you might want to grab the disinfectant because don't want any of what we have here!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh yuck. I feel awful for you! I never throw up either. Seriously, I can dryheave until the cows come home (not that any cows live here) (moo), but just never throw up. I hate the dry heaving too.
Feel better!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! How aweful!
So sorry you are all sick. I agree toilets are never as clean as you think they are till you are head first in them.
Get better soon!

kendrasue said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I am better today and back at work (yay). I am glad I'm not face first in anything anymore! And on the upside only 2 more days of work until a long weekend! :)

Caroline said...

Oh, honey Big hugs to you xx