Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Sports Themed RTT

I've been absent for a few weeks for my random thoughts (ok, you don't have to say it but all my posts are pretty random!). But this week I'm going to need a cheerleading section because we're going all sports all the way today!

NFL started this weekend and while I was real excited about it, it turned into a new thought for me. I was watching the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers game and in the 1st half alone 5 people left the game due to injury. Not all of them were out very long but it seemed like a lot of people were getting hurt. 2 knees, an ankle and 2 head injuries. A menagerie of injuries. It was pretty crazy though. I know I'm not the toughest person on the planet and I know most of the players have finely-tuned bodies but I just kind of want to feel what it's like to get tackled. I'm so weird, but it seems like it would be a rush just to be running to throw or catch the ball and have someone slam into me. Now I'm sure the better idea would to be the tackler and that's what I want my little monkey to be doing if he decides to play football but I'm just curious. I also think sometimes the players are cry-babies. Turf toe? Is that really a real thing? I've broke my toe and I still had to go to work.

Also, while watching the game I saw some dude with long, flowing hair. And I thought it was ridiculous. I have shoulder-length hair and any time I do any workout related activities the first thing I do is put my hair up in a ponytail. I couldn't imagine playing football, where the temperatures on the field are a good 10-15 degrees hotter than the actual temperature, with hair on my neck. Then there is Troy Polamalu..
Dude has some crazy hair. Again, not really wanting hair like this running around sweating like a crazy man.

And the same thing goes with jewelry. Some guy (don't remember who) lost a diamond stud during practice this year. Really? I remember being a cheerleader and we weren't even allowed to wear glitter due to if it came off on the basketball court it could cause a player to slip. I'm sure that was a little over-protective, but as a professional athlete do you really need to be donning your most fancy jewelry while you are playing the one of the most manly sports on the planet? Plus...I have a 3-year-old and have felt earrings being ripped out of my ear. It's not pleasant. And your ears are not immune to injury even though you're wearing a helmet. What if your ear gets caught when you're taking off the helmet? Ouch! And when they wear necklaces I'm always afraid it's going to come out from underneath their shirt and smack them in the face. Causing bloody face. Yuck.

And finally for sports for my own family. Swimming lessons start on Wednesday for my little monkey. I had to go to an informative meeting on Monday night and it was a little ridiculous. How hard is it for parents to understand what their 3yo is going to be doing? It's not rocket science. Pretty sure we didn't need one of our 8 classes to be spent in a classroom. I also started my spin class Monday night. It's been a little over a year since I took my last spin class and oh. my. goodness. That was rough. I'm glad it's only a 30 minute class!

Oh...and by the way...the REDSKINS beat the Cowboys! Woot woot! We're starting the season 1-0! Oh yeah. We did it!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I am giving up football this year since I really don't want to see John's team play. But if he starts tuning in, I'm back in if only to show how many wins ahead my team is.