Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grilled Cheese, Butter and Girly Girls-Nothing Better than that

I was making grilled cheese sandwiches the other day and I had to sneeze. And I thought to myself...I wonder if it would be bad to sneeze on your own food. The only reason I thought this was because you would be spreading your germs to yourself. I'm just saying. I of course turned my head and did not sneeze on my food. It was just a thought.

Also, I was opening a new thing of butter and I love opening new butter. My favorite part is the little dollop on top of a brand new carton. So I was like, woo hoo! I get to be the one to open it. Then I opened it and there was no dollop. Like whoever put the butter in the carton had not given me the little curly-q. So disappointed!

I have had several dreams lately where my hubby is my hubby or my boyfriend in them. I think it's cute! I guess it means I really like him!

I love music videos. We were watching FUSE (the music video channel) and Shakira's Hips Don't Lie came on and started shaking my booty. And the hubby just started laughing at me. So my hopes are that since he's older than me he will come down with Alzheimers before he gets too sick of me and forget about my craziness and stick around. Haha.

I also love dancing to any music. And I kinda wish I was a backup dancer. I watched the performances of Katy Perry's from SNL and I thought I could do that. The dances didn't look too hard but still very fun.

Finally...I get to go to Kansas City this weekend with my little monkey for my cousin's 5th birthday party! Yes, my cousin. My aunt is only 14 years older than me and she had her 2nd kid just a year and half before Leo! It's really nice because I have someone closer in age than my mom to talk to about kiddos. And Leo and Grace like each other so that's a plus too! What I'm really excited about though is that I get to pick out an extremely girly present! None of my nieces are really that girly except the one that is younger than Leo and we haven't really gotten her too girly of things but Grace is into all things girly and princesses. I was instructed that anything with glitter or sparkles on it is a plus! And since Leo is ALL BOY I don't get to get cool girl stuff that I always pass wistfully in Wal-Mart and Target! It will be a quick trip, going up on Saturday and coming back Sunday early afternoon but I gotta make it back in time for the Redskins/Eagles matchup at 3! I'm such a dork!

That's my random and I'm sticking to it. To see random at its finest go visit Keely. She'll have something for everything. Kind of like a circus.



Leigh said...

I'd complain to the butter company, request a refund! ;) You should dance as much as possible - it's fun and a great stress reliever. And as an added bonus - it embarrasses the kids!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I've often wondered about the sneezing in your own food, too - but I always defer my sneezes elsewhere. ;)

Princess Nagger LOVES to be there when I open a new thing of butter - she loves that little dollop on top, too. That would be SO disappointing not to have that dollop there!

Sounds like a fun weekend coming up!

RTT: Corn Festival & Princess Zelda

Sprite's Keeper said...

Your family kind of sounds like John's. His youngest brother is 22, 10 years younger than the third brother, 7 years older than his oldest nephew. It should feel like a weird dynamic, but it isn't. :-)

kel said...

Ok, i totally get the butter issue!! That curly cue is the best part!!

Anonymous said...

yeah I'd be pissed if that part of the butter was missing. It's like, a part you've come to know and love!

VandyJ said...

Butter just doesn't taste the same with out the dollop.

Christina said...

LOL! I thought my family was the only one who had a thing for the dollop of butter.

cbs111 said...

Whoa it's like you took the words outta my head and put them on your blog!

I thought I was the only weirdo for enjoying the curly q on the butter. I like to be the first one to use it.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Wow! Everyone is buying butter with dollops? We just get for sticks in a box. How boring!
Have a great time in KC!

kendrasue said...

I must say I never realized the butter dollop was loved by all! Hopefully my next tub will be dollop-full!

Hilary said...

I’ve been buying the stick kind, but I do miss that butter top….

Sandra said...

I love that! I have also dreamt that my hubby is my hubby or boyfriend. Does it mean we actually like our husbands? I thought it meant that Robert Pattinson was busy making out in somebody else's dream! :)