Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

So it's September. And you know what that means in my world? Christmas shopping! Well technically it has already started (like in January when I saw some little soap sets for little girls on clearance!) I have grabbed a few things in the last few weeks and today when I was at Target I saw some girls clothes on clearance (my favorite word!) and picked up a few things. I know all of my nieces have more than enough toys so in the last few years I have just grabbed 1 toy and usually 1 book and then a little outfit. And I usually keep my cost per kid to $20 or under. So at Target I picked up a really cute dress for one of my nieces and for another I picked up a Beatles shirt and a pair of jean shorts. All for under $10! At the Dollar Tree I also had picked up a Disney Princess puzzle for $1! I also made a book order from Leo's school and he is ending up with close to 11 books. I figured I could give him a few now and save the rest for Christmas. And I got all of those for $25! I thought that was a pretty awesome price. So I have a pretty good chunk of my shopping done for now! Awesome! So Merry Christmas in September!


Heather said...

I love that you are starting so early. I think this year we are boycotting the buying process and just having a family get together. There comes a point when the family gets too large and that time is now!

Glad you are saving money in the process of starting early.

kendrasue said...

I hear that. I wish we could just do something low-key because our family is getting pretty big. So the prices just keep going up. But I am definitely saving money by shopping the sales!