Wednesday, February 13, 2013

7 Days of Valentine's: Day 7

Whew! What a whirlwind week! I am a little sad that it is over but I saved the best gifts for last!
Things have been pretty crazy in our life right now so I figured this would be a fitting end to Valentine's week.  I'm glad that after almost 9 years of being married the hubs and I have made it through thick and thin.  It may not always feel that way but I feel like it's worth it to make it work.  So I'm glad we have so far! (remind me of this when I'm pulling my hair out because of some crazy shenanigans he's pulled!)


For Leo I figured he would like to get a little something special.  And while I couldn't find an actual treasure chest I found this cute pink takeout box in the V-Day section.  I filled it up with some candy and on top he got 5 gold dollars.  He's rich!  But even though he makes me want to scream he really is one of my greatest treasures!

This little gift giving thing has been really fun!  And I'm so glad my friend told me about it and I looked further into it on Pinterest.  It really made me think about all the good things my boys do for my heart and made me feel good when I saw the looks of happiness when they saw their gifts (moreso Leo than the hubs but that is fine!). 
Gretchen wanted a post about love for the spin cycle this week but I'm giving you 7.  Here are the 6 previous links to my 7 Days of Valentines. So check out my previous days of love and then go link up with Gretchen and all the other cool kids with your spin on Love!  Also...Happy Valentine's Day!!
Day 6


gretchen said...

So stinking cute and clever!! I love ALL of them! I hope your men know how lucky they are, and give you something super special too!

Davina said...

What fun! You are such a loving and creative girl! :) Love you bunches! :) <3

Janice Adcock said...

Pintrest is being a good source for some fun times. Enjoyed seeing you love posts.