Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sleepless Night in Pictures

Remember when I talked about Jacoby's breathless temper-tantrums? Well since he had more than one and they had come after he had taken a tumble the doctor suggested that we do an EEG to make sure that nothing more serious was causing these episodes.  All of us agreed that he was more than likely just being a stubborn male (ok, I added the male part) but just to be on the safe side we wanted to get this done.  So we set it up and got a list of rules we had to follow. 
They were:
No eating or drinking after 3am
He had to have a clean, oil-free scalp
No stimulants
No alcohol or cigarettes (haha)
Oh and he had to be sleep deprived...meaning he could only sleep between the hours of midnight and 3am. (record scratching).  Say what?? We had to keep him up until midnight (his normal bedtime is between 7 and 7:30) and then wake him back up at 3 and keep him up until his check-in at 7:30.  From there he would be sedated so they could put the tentacles on his scalp without him throwing a hissy.  You know, since he would be sleep-deprived.

So to give you an idea of what our Valentines consisted of, here is a post in pictures of what your child may look like if you have to have them be sleep-deprived.

8 PM: Oh this one isn't too bad.  Some nights I stay up this late because my mom hopes I will sleep in the next morning!

9PM: I'm still in a pretty playful mood.  Dad and I are having a ball!

10PM: I'm starting to get tired but dad is being a good sport by watching Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins with me. Thank goodness for OnDemand!

11PM: Guys...I'm tired.  Please just let me go to bed.  I will even sleep on the floor.  I DON'T CARE!

12 AM: Aw sweet relief.  (Little does he is short lived)

3AM: Are you freaking kidding me?  You wake me up and then take my picture?  You suck. (I don't know where he learned his saucy language)

4am-go time (7am): I HATE YOU! This is pretty much what those hours looked like.  No fun.

7:30AM: I'm pretending that I'm having fun but really I just want to get out of here.  Please let me out!

8:30 AM: What did this lady just do to my head.  I'm pretty sure I would get yelled at if I drew on my head.

8:45AM: They let me have a bottle and I was lights out.  Sounds like my mom on a Saturday night (ba da bah...that was my best drum-roll) 

9:30 AM: I am outta here!  After a quick 30 minute nap they let me out of here. I'm not sure what they did but my hair is

He was so well behaved that they didn't even have to sedate him so hopefully that means we saved some money. He sat quietly on his dad's lap while the EEG technician put all the wires on him and then I was able to take him and give him a bottle to put him to sleep so the EEG would get the best results. We will hopefully get the results this week from our primary doctor. I'm sure all is well but I definitely will feel better knowing.

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