Friday, May 22, 2009

Spin Cycle: Freckles Rock

This is my spin about my beloved Freckles. If you want to see other spins about their wonderful pets check out Sprites Keeper at

I got Freckles 12 years ago tomorrow. What a fitting post about animals. She was my early 13th birthday from my parents. We were moving into our new house and the puppies were ready to go home. I chose the smallest one. I'm not for sure why, she just stuck out to me. She was a little black and white spotted shih tzu. (bless you!) I named her Freckles so aptly! I was a real smart 12 year old! :) Anyways...her first days at the new house were traumatic for her. She just kind of hunkered down and didn't really move. This was foreshadowing for the future of my dog who likes to act like a cat.

As the years passed she was "my" dog. Not really anyone elses. My brother's dog was our family lab Sunny. The two dogs got along really well. Sunny would put Freckles in her mouth like the little furball that she is and Freckles would jump all over Sunny like a trained circus dog. The years passed some more and I went to college. It was just in another town about 10 minutes away but I was getting settled into my new apartment. I finally brought Freckles with me after a few months missing her. Everyone loved my dog. She was the crazy looking dog with the messed up teeth (She has a profuse underbite). And Freckles got along with eveyrone. I think it is because she really is a laid back dog.

Then came the next phase of my life. The boyfriend moved in. She was kicked off the bed and onto a pillow. He isn't much of a dog person but understands that she is a major part of my life. And then the biggest new phase of all. The new baby. This one was the one that probably hurt her the most. Not as much playing with her. More telling her to get out of the way. But now that the baby is over 2 she has a new playmate. He will chase her but in a playful way. And she is played with more by me. And anytime we are able to go outside she comes right along with us. SHe loves being outside.

She will just lay anywhere for hours at a time. She really isn't a lap dog unless she needs some love. It is funny because we won't be able to find her so we look around everywhere and find that she has burrowed into a clothes basket (regardless if they are clean or dirty!). She is a good dog and even though I don't always show her how much I care about her, I'm sure she knows. She is a good dog.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Sometimes, a baby is exactly what a dog needs. Blue and Harry were kind of ignored when Sprite was first born, but now that Sprite is over 2, she plays with Blue a lot and tries to play with Harry, but Harry knows that Sprite play usually involves pain, so he leaves that to Blue, who will endure any of Sprite's tortures just to be closer to her. Great Spin and Freckles is beautiful! You're linked!