Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I guess you'll hammer later

So as I was laying in bed trying to figure out what to write about in conjunction with this weeks spin from Jen over at Sprites Keeper when I heard a knocking sound and my dog growling. So my heart started to race a little bit. And the sound just kept happening. Then I heard the wind rustling the trees. And then my mind started to wander.

It went to the place where I rolled over in bed and saw an intruder standing in my living room. I scrambled to get out of bed and push my dresser and bed against the door happy that I had my cell phone so I could call 911. The intruder goes into the kitchen and grabs a knife and is trying to open the door with the knife. Why? Who knows! But then reality sets in and I realize my imagination is a funny thing. I go let my dog out and what a shock...there are people hammering on my neighbors shed. Maybe I should be a fiction writer! Except the only material I would get would be about 5 pages. Not much more.

It's funny how your mind can turn a mole hill into a mountain. Working at a bank, we are supposed to "practice" what we would do in case of a robbery. I don't think the bank would appreciate me wetting my pants once a month just to practice what I would do. We all have scenarios in our mind what we would do in case of a fire, or in case our kids or family members are in serious trouble but my mind always takes me to a place where they are always rescued but the scenarios are outrageous. Nothing like, oh Leo fell off his bike and broke his arm. They were when he was a baby and the house was on fire and I had to run through the burning hallway and then jump out of the window with him hoping he would safely make it from a 7ish foot drop. I guess maybe our minds are helping us because if we can survive that we can survive the little things.

Oh yeah...and I will give an over the internet high five to someone who can identify where my title came from. Awesomeness

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Sprite's Keeper said...

My imagination does that to me all the time. I constantly look for escape routes in my office for the imaginary scenarios running through my mind. Someone comes in through the front door? Rear door? Every night, I need to check all the doors and locks to tell my brain everything really is shut tight so I don't think the wind rattling the trees is someone trying to break in. Great Spin! You're linked!
And the phrase? I did not know. I Googled it and got two movies, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Real Genius. I don't believe it's from Real Genius since I've seen that movie multiple times and don't remember that, so I'd have to go with the other.