Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Workplace Violence

So today we had our semi-annual security training at the bank I work for. It was pretty funny. I know that banks are a pretty dangerous to be working at, especially with our current economic situaion but the videos we are forced to watch are ridiculous. You know the ones, where the robber busts in, guns blazing, ready to take down the closest teller after they get what they want. So ridiculous. I'm not saying this doesn't happen but really, no matter how much training I take part in I will never, ever be prepared for someone to rob me. My branch has been robbed (luckily I was not working that day) and one of my fellow employees sister was robbed at a completely different bank. People are crazy and desperate but the videos do not help! I'm sure you could You Tube one but just think the cheesiest actors and the cheesiest music and there you go. You got the makings of a great bank robbery video!

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