Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cue the adorable smile

Kids are a funny thing. One minute they are little demons and you have to shave their heads to make sure they don't have any crazy birth marks (you know because your kid was born with a mohawk so you couldn't check at the hospital) and the next minute they have a halo around their head with a cherub-like smile on their face asking for more milk. This has been the number one issue I have been dealing with since our little man has been old enough to cause some ruckus. He will throw a fit in the middle of Dillons and then when we get to the car grab my head and give me a big kissaroo on the lips.

And lately he has had shifty-eyes whenever something happens and he doesn't like it he will look at you all sideways and you kinda get freaked out. I know he is just being a little boy but come on. Give me a break people! I watched an episode of Criminal Minds and it had a kid on there that turned out to be a sociopath. Hope my little angel doesn't turn out that way! I'm just kidding about me actually thinking that will happen but you know what I'm saying. Kids are funny and how they behave is even funnier because one minute they are fine and the next they are not.

My real idea for this blog came because yesteray little man went with my mom to Botanica and she said he was really well behaved and then last night he was a little terror. I was happy that he behaved in public for my mom but it kills me because when we see people they talk about what an angel he is and can't believe that he could do any wrong. I guess that is the image that you want people to have of your kids. Better than them thinking your kid is a terror. So yeah, even though I am complaining about my sometimes misbehaving boy I am glad that he is mine and wouldn't trade him for the world!

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