Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Small Victories

So we have made another milestone in little man's 2 years on planet Earth (happy Earth Day everyone!!!). Anyways...little man has off and on liked baths. He has always had a small bathtub that he gets his baths in and I finally decided that he is to big for it and needs to start taking baths in the big bathtub. Don't judge me and my 2 year old taking baths in a baby bathtub! :) It saves water and is so much easier! So I scrubbed it down really good on Monday and we took the plunge, so to speak, this morning. He. Hated. It. He stood the entire time clutching my arm and cried. I felt horrible but he needed a bath and that was that.

So today was like 80 degrees (heaven, seriously) and we played a good hour and a half outside so of course the heathen needed another bath tonight. I figured I have always heard baths are calming and help kids sleep better at night anyways so I ran the bath. He got in and loved it. He did not want to get out. So a small victory was won where the baby bathtub is now hidden under his unused crib (another victory that will be won tonight...I am listening to him cry it out as I type.). I am so excited and at the same time a little sad. My little man is turning into a big man and it makes me sad. And yearn for another baby at the same time, but seriously...if my brother is having a destination wedding in Aruba next year (keep your fingers crossed that this actually happens!!!) then no baby for me and bikini body here I come!
Ok so this post rambled (A LOT) but little boy is growing up and it is crazy how much a little person can change your life so drastically! I never in a million years would have imagined that I would be so excited over baths in the big bathtub but folks it is happening! Oh yeah, and the picture is from the zoo on Monday. It was beautiful and my monkey was having a great time!

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CC said...

that's a really cute picture of you two. he looks SO much like his dad! i can't believe how much he's grown!