Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boys just wanna have fun

This weekend we were supposed to go to a bbq at our friends house. It has been planned and the hubby does not do planned things. So it was agreed *by him* that I would be the one that went and he would stay at home with the monkey. That's fine. Then it was said that it would be kid-friendly so I decided to take him. And when I found out it was only going to be a few people going I tried to talk him into going because he likes the couple hosting the event. Nope, he did not want to go. I was like whatever and moved on with my life.
The part that really frustrated me though was when one of his co-workers invited him over to have an Edward 40-hands party. And guess what, he went. I don't care if he goes out with his friends. I go out with mine. What annoys me is that we had plans that he didn't want to do so he chose to do something else. I would much rather have him sit at home playing video games or watching tv. I want to go to an Edward 40-hands party but we had made other plans.
***By the way...for those of you that don't know, and Edward 40-hands party is where you duct tape a forty to each hand and you have to drink them before you can get them off of your hand. Crazy kids and their crazy parties!!!!***


Super Mom said...

Hmmm, that kinda sucks sweetie. I know how irritating it can be when your "other half" won't go to group functions. Always depressing to be there alone when everyone ELSE'S husbands made an appearance. Then you have to try and come up with a good lie so your hubby doesn't look like a social leper, or the equivilent...
BLEH Men suck.

SO.... on April 25th you have to come to my house for a girls night (SLASH purse party - don't ask, just come over and bring your booze and a board game). Be sure to tell your hubster that you are going to a (insert his favorite outing that he would LOVE to go to) party and he is not invited. /smile

Brooke said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have to tell my husband that the house is on fire to get him to leave! He says friends are too much work! WTF?!