Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh My God I'm One of Them!

I have turned into one of those parents that I hate. Little man woke up with a cough that made him sound like a seal. And he started crying and that made him not be able to breathe which made him cry more. So I called in to work and told them I could open but would have to leave so mi amor could go to work because they would be short later in the day. The hubster took him to the doctor and...nothing. The doctor said it was probably viral combined with allergies. No fever, not even a sinus infection. Seriously, I believed that lived within the little monster on a daily basis as many boogers as that kid sports!

So I'm that person. The one that packs her kid up and rushes to the doctor at the drop of a hat. I guess the reason I am more concerned is because he has been a sick kid. I was a sick kid too and I know how it feels to be sick. It's not cool! So I got a free pass from work and so while he has slept a lot of the day I have caught up on some DVR'd shows and cleaned the kitchen. Woo hoo!

On another note, little man has become amazing to watch because he is learning new things on a daily basis. Not only is he talking like a maniac but he is playing by himself with his toys and doing it the right way. I know I know there is no right way but honestly, why play with blocks if you can't stack them? Well he can now! And it keeps him occupied for hours! I love it! He is becoming a little boy right in front of my eyes!

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Super Mom said...

Eh, kids get sick! You what's funny is EVERYONE is that parent that everyone hates - the overprotective, overbearing, freak-out over the littlest thing, etc... ON THEIR FIRST KID. lol

I've noticed on Josie I was like "OMG, is she ok??? Come on, let's get her to the ER to make sure!"

Mia it was "Hmmm... why don't we call the doctor and check it out."

Blake it is "Eh, he looks fine, nothing is falling off or bleeding..."

Don't worry you will leave all the freak-outs behind eventually. And we still love you, even if you don't!!! :)