Monday, March 30, 2009

What a weird weekend

So Friday we had the craziest ice storm/snow storm. I call it crazy only because of the fact that it is the end of March. Pretty sure March roared it's ugly lion head! Now I am ready for April to come in like a lamb! I had to work on Saturday for a little bit but came home about noon. Then I just stayed in all weekend with my boys. I rented Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics for Xbox and it was amazing. And the Joker in that game is freaking hilarious! And I kicked butt vs. Leo! WOo Hoo! Then Sunday we just lazed around watching basketball and baseball (Go Royals! Winning 17-12!) and then I got up and made chili about 6. Delicious end to a pretty relaxing weekend! Now I am just going to hope for good weather for the rest of spring. Also, I know it is a week away but I am looking forward to next Monday because I am taking off on Monday to take my little man to an Easter Egg hunt for our Parents as Teachers group and then I am either going to take him to the zoo or to see Monsters vs. Aliens! So excited! :) Hope everyone else had a great weekend and will have a fabulous week!

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