Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I should be doing anything but...

I am blogging instead! You're welcome. I'm sure you are thanking me for posting huh? I'm sure! :) Anyways... I have the day off because I work Saturday (again), they sure seem to come a lot more often then every other but what can you do? I really enjoy my days off because I get them all to myself! It is only noon and I have already caught up on 4 episodes of 3 different shows I had DVR'd, did the dishes, picked up the kitchen and started a load of towels. I am pretty proud of myself. And of course now I have checked my facebook and blogging because I DO NOT want to clean the bathroom! If I had all the money in the world I would of course want a slightly bigger house but the first major thing I would change is to hire a cleaning lady/company. My hands would never have to go in my stylish pink cleaning gloves ever again and I would be ok with it! The only thing on my have-to do list is go visit my grandma in the hospital. She had knee replacement surgery and even though she said I didn't have to visit her I will! It won't take too much time out of my day off and I'm sure she will enjoy the company! Hope everyone has a humptastic humpday! Catch you on the down side of the hump!

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