Friday, March 13, 2009

Almost the weekend

I don't know why I really care if it is almost the weekend though because I work all day Saturday. It won't be too bad though because I am working with people that I get along with and we haven't been too busy with customers so that is always nice! :) I think the funniest thing about where I work is that there is an identical branch of the bank I work for right across the street. And that one isn't that busy either. And now the bank is "cutting costs" by doing little things here and there. Hey, bank, don't you think it would be more cost effective to close my branch and just move the people to other branches that need employees? I think that would be an obvious cost saver. We wouldn't have to rent space in a grocery store, we wouldn't have the added costs of heating, electric, etc. Instead of taking things away (even though we don't really need those things either!) just close the branch. We're not that busy. You're welcome bank for saving you lots-o-money! :) Have a happy Friday!

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