Monday, April 20, 2009

What a weekend

This weekend was spent in a whirlwind. We left for Kansas City Saturday about noon but had to stop and get some windshield wipers because it was supposed to rain. Surprisingly the ones we were getting were on clearance. That was pretty amazing! But anyways...the good thing was it did not rain the entire time we were gone. That was amazing! We made it to KC and went to Legends, the outdoor mall. The monkey was in awe of the fountains and his new favorite phrase is "the coin in the water" because we let him throw a penny in the fountain. Maybe he was the one that caused the good luck no rain! Then we moseyed on over to my aunt and uncles for the partay. It turned out really well and we had good food and good conversation. We did decide to stay in a hotel though because my child is a punk in the fact that he will not sleep by himself or go to sleep by himself especially in an unfamiliar place. So we got a $50 hotel room that was surprisingly nice and had a free continental breakfast the next morning. We got up and around and was home by noon so I could make it to my bowl for kids sake. I bowled for about 2 hours and then came home and took a brief nap. I swear the weekends go by so fast. One minute it is 3 and the next it is 9.

That about sums up my weekend. My brosef came over for a little bit to drop off a really cute outfit for the monkey and we discussed some of his upcoming wedding plans. Nothing to exciting but I am excited for them! And today I am off so I will be cleaning the bathroom...yay! And then picking up the monkey from school and taking him to the zoo. So I am off to start my adventure and then back to the grind tomorrow for work. Oh joy! Hopefully everyone else's weekend went by slowly and you got to enjoy the weather!

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