Friday, May 29, 2009

Vacation has been great...

But I am sad that it is almost over. I do have three more days off in the next two weeks though (outside of Sundays) so at least it won't be so terrible. And next week I don't have to close any days next week! Yay! So here is my timeline of what our vacation has looked like. We have been busy so you might need to sit down while you read it! :)

  • Swimming at my mom's
  • Went to dinner at Wendy's on our way too...
  • Wichita Wild Arena Football game (they won!)


  • We did nothing all day until
  • We rented a few movies
  • Watched Taken with Liam Neeson (it's pretty good)
  • Ate at new restaurant in town Smashburger. Also good but very expensive.


  • Went swimming at my mom's
  • Started our Scrubs Marathon


  • Took monkey to daycare
  • Tore up carpet in our living room/hallway
  • Ate dinner at my folks house


  • Took monkey to daycare
  • Finished pulling up carpet
  • Went to Wal-Mart to complete project
  • Made delicious Szchecuan (sp?) chicken waiting for Leo to get home from golfing
  • Continued Scrubs marathon


  • Went to the zoo
  • Met the hubsters sister for lunch at delicious La Chinitas
  • Went to the mall to use a gift card for the monkey from his birthday at the bookstore. Got 7 books for $4! We are excellent shoppers!
  • Came home, waited for the monkey to take a nap, which never happened so we did not get to go swimming.
  • Continued our Scrubs Marathon (Best. Show. Ever.)
  • Went to Dog and Shake for dinner (pure deliciousness)
  • Watched the Cavs beat the Magic (Which I actually didn't see happen because I fell asleep!)


  • Got up and ate doughnuts
  • Did some laundry
  • Swept our new, glorious hardwood floors!
  • Gave the monkey a bath
  • Fixed lunch

Now he is napping and this afternoon we are going to see Pixar's UP and then go to the Derby Days Parade. It should be a blast! Then tomorrow we don't really have a lot of plans other than Leo's sister who just semi-moved to Wichita from Western Kansas wants us to come over to where she is staying so she can hang out with the monkey. We may end up eating dinner with her. Depends on when we head over there. And then Sunday (Our last day of vacation) I have a baby shower to attend. That is why I have been cleaning today so my last two days I don't really have to mess with much. I really need to clean the bathroom and I got some new cleaner so hopefully that will help. Sorry I haven't posted much this week. As you can read, we have been busy and the computer wasn't even plugged in until yesterday, so there wasn't much time! Hope everyone's week has been as fantastic as mine. I will post pictures probably this weekend or early next week! Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

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