Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So yesterday was my first day back to work from my vacation and...it wasn't bad. It was actually pretty great. I found out a mortgage refinance that I had put together had FINALLY closed (cha-ching) and one of the first people through the door had a loan app and it got approved (more cha-ching)! And there were enough of us there so it didn't require me to pull a teller drawer so I pretty much chilled the whole day. It took me almost 2 hours to go through my emails though. Ridiculous!

On another completely random note, Kansas has been in the headlines a lot lately. We won the national spelling bee (I say we, like I had something to do with it!!!), one of my co-workers friend who graduated from the Naval Academy totally chest-bumped Obama at graduation and Dr. Tiller was killed in his church. Now, we're getting a little deep here and I'm not preaching, but I didn't believe in what he was doing. But I'm pretty sure that the people who were protesting what he was doing were protesting because he was taking another life. Soooooo...I'm pretty sure that by killing him you are in fact doing what you were preaching against. Crazy extremists and their crazy though processes. So, people, listen up. Just because you don't believe in something does not mean you have to go crazy. Repeat after me...believing does not equal crazy. Repeat that if you feel like killing someone.

And on a completely other random thought...my birthday is in 3 days! Woo Hoo! Leo and I both have off on Thursday (because we both work Saturday) so we may do something. But other than that not a lot planned. I will be turning 25 so I will be super old. Like quarter of a century old! :) So I have something to look forward to this week!

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