Sunday, June 21, 2009

An update about friends

So, apparently I am a little bit better of a friend than I think. Last night was my friends wedding. And I was...the cake cutter. The most dreaded position to have in a wedding. The short part of the story was she didn't want attendants, then she wanted attendants because she didn't want to hurt anyones feelings to having one person as her maid of honor because they made her feel like crap because she didn't ask her to be in it. Anyways...she still wanted me to have some part in her wedding other than mother of the flower boy so she asked me and another special lady to be a cake cutter. I of course said yes.
So at the rehearsal we talked to the bride and she said that she would like us to help setup the food so it doesn't sit out from the time they get to the wedding ceremony until the time people show at the reception. The wedding was not going to last long but still. Anyways...we agreed to leave right after the ceremony. We get to the reception place and we run around like mad-women. It probably looked especially funny since the other woman helping is 8 1/2 months prego. So we got pretty much everything under control as the guests are arriving. But then, something we had not planned for. Having to refill the food as people ate it. We got to the reception by 7:20 and I didn't even sit down until 9:25. Between refilling everything and taking a picture of their first dance to refilling more stuff to then cutting the cake it was ridiculous. I, of course, didn't mind helping a good friend but my mom and me and little man left the reception right about 10 and I came home and went straight to bed. I was freaking exhausted. With a tinge of a headache because of the stress I was not prepared to deal with! So, looking back, I'm pretty sure I'm an ok friend because I can totally rock a reception full of horsdevours (I know this is spelled wrong!) and drinks! I will post pictures of the beautiful bride and my little man walking down the aisle as soon as I get pictures from my mom. My stupid camera has decided not to work. Lame.

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Captain Dumbass said...

Your post reminded me of my wife's maid of honour. She was the maid of honour nazi. She had our wedding running like clockwork, but she scared the hell out of me.