Sunday, June 7, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Ok, so it's not really what I did but what we have and are going to do this summer. It has already been a pretty productive summer because, you know, we've already taken one of our weeks of vacation! That post has already been done and you can read about our craziness there.

What the summer brings I am not completely sure. With a two-year-old nothing is ever set in stone. We have a few "adventures" at the local children's museum where he will learn about different things like farm animals, pets, rocks, etc. And we have already hit up Botanica which is a garden where they have a butterfly garden, a bird reserve and other nature-y stuff like that. We are also going to go on a wildlife walk at the local wildlife/nature sanctuary. I am grateful for my mom because she ends up footing the bill for a lot of this. I think it is because we didn't get to do a lot of stuff like this when my brother and I were younger and now she can take us so she does. And I appreciate it greatly. Because we can't always afford it now, so Leo might not be able to go on as many grand adventures without his grandma! :)

As a family, we are planning on taking a week of vacation the 2nd week in August. This week coincides with my hubsters and my 5-year anniversary. We are planning on celebrating in style. And by in style I mean taking our toddler with us to Kansas City. I have a membership to the ICT zoo and the KC zoo is a "reciprocal" zoo so I can get us in there for free (super sweet!). We are also planning on checking out the new K (Kauffman Stadium for you non-Royal lovers) and watching a few baseball games. We will probably just do as much stuff for as little money as possible. Because that's how we roll! :)

Outside of trips and special adventures planned we will be hitting up Chez Stuhlsatz and hanging out poolside (thanks again mom!), going to the local parks and trying to teach little man how to ride his trike because he so badly wants a bicycle.

So those are our vacation plans. Pretty weak sauce, but I'm ok with that! As long as we are spending time together my summer will be a masterpiece! And I'll keep you all updated on how I am trying to change my appearance from Casper the friendly ghost to a stunning, tanned version of someone beautiful! I hope everyone elses summers are as fun as mine is going to be!

This spin brought to you by Jen over at Sprites Keeper. To check out other peoples awesome summer plans check out the link...


Sprite's Keeper said...

Okay, I need to get in on these plans! Sounds like a blast and congrats on the 5 years! We spent one day (yep, one day) at the park with Sprite today and are already looking forward to fall and indoor weather! (Although I live in Florida, so the humidity claims a lot of my sanity before noon most days. Ask me tomorrow and my mood may be different.) Here's to great summer memories! You're linked!

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Rachel said...

hee hee. I like your title. I just flashed back to Middle School.