Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can't Get You Out of My Mind

So I have a horribly memory. I can't remember the most or least important stuff going on. I do have an uncanny memory of pop culture stuff, but that is a different post for a different day. The way my memory works is by song. I will hear a song and it will remind me of an event or just of a person in general. The above title was a song title from a little someone named Kylie Minogue. That's why it fits...get it?! are just a few memories that I have thought of while thinking of this blog.

  • My brother's name is Brock. And he was quite the party animal for a (long) while. During those days he got the name Brockstar. So everytime I hear the song Party Like a Rockstar I think of him and jam out.
  • My friend Camdin from way back in day...yeah we totally made up a swimming dance routine to Shake Your Bon Bon by Ricky Martin. I don't hear that song very often (or never) but anytime I am swimming at my parent's pool or even think of Ricky Martin I am back there shaking my bon bon with her.
  • Of course my wedding song When You Say Nothing At All makes me think of the hubby.
  • Only the Good Die Young reminds me of a friend that passed away a few years ago. We heard it out in the bar about a week after he died and we were totally rocking out but still emotional because, well you know.
  • And there are a few that just remind me of working in Sam Goody when I was a youngster. Bandages from Hot Hot Heat is a goofy song but they would always play the video and it was ridiculous.
  • Over-Kill by Men at Work always plays when I am at work and it reminds me of my hubby because they play it on Scrubs and it just takes us back to the good times.
  • Any Queen song reminds me of my mom because she dug on Queen and now I do to!
  • All Elton John songs remind me of my old roommate Mark who actually had him sign an old LP at a concert.
  • Of course Tiny Dancer reminds me of my apartment 45 and one time I made dinner for a bunch of my friends and we put this song on when we were cleaning up and we just sang and danced. It was amazing!
  • My other old roommate Stephanie...hmmm so many, but the one that sticks out the most is Margaritaville. I busted out my Jimmy Buffett CD and we sang this song and the part about a Mexican Cutie tattoo part came on and we just died laughing.
  • And finally, when I was in high school Get Your Roll on came out. Well it says Get your mother-f'in roll on. Well we had a teacher named Mr. Frazee, so us junior girls definitely changed the words to Everbody get your Mr. Frazee roll on. Yep, we were pretty cool!

There are so many other songs that remind me of so many different people but these are a few. Music has made a huge impact on my life so just music in general brings memories for me. I hope you enjoyed my musical trip down memory lane! And if you want to check out other memories head over to Sprite's Keeper to see other posts!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Great songs and great memories! I have one song that instantly puts me back into a moment which is still confusing to me, but I wrote about it for tomorrow. :-) You're linked!

Anonymous said...

This is funny! Great spin!

Happy Friday!
I played too!

CC said...

haha..i totally remember our pool dance routine! funny....oh ricky martin!