Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Days and Deep Thoughts...but not by Jack Handy

So, I am sitting here while my boys are napping and just listening to the rain. And I have been thinking a lot about what I have heard and read form other people lately. Some people have talked about friends, some people have just talked about things going on in their lives. And it got me thinking about all of those things.
Kind of combining them though. I was thinking that I don't really have a lot of friends. My best friend would probably be my mom even though we don't talk about a lot of personal stuff because I don't want to talk about the fights I have with Leo because she doesn't need to be in a position that if I say something she would hold it against him. Not that she is that type of person, but when you hear stuff about what other people do or say to someone you love you tend to hold it against them. And I don't really have a friend that I talk to about girly stuff just because I'm a pretty prude person. Just not my type of conversations I want to have. Oh, so your vajay-jay did what? Yeah, I'm blushing as I type. And my besties at work are actually my good friends that I have started doing stuff with outside of work. So I am actually doing things again, so that is nice too. But I guess, as much as I like to act like I'm not, I am a non-people person as well. I have a few people that I enjoy doing things with, but I would much rather just have them come over and play my new Scrabble Slam then go out. I also have come to the realization (thanks to the hubby) that I have enough BS to deal with in my life that I don't have time for everyone elses. (And by the way...obviously my friends that I have have some issues themselves because quite a few of them forgot my birthday thank you very little!) That doesn't mean I won't listen but that does mean that I may not take the time to call, or text or write like a normal person. I kind of close up and just want to sit at home and watch the Royals kick some butt (or in their case, lose a whole bunch of games...a girl can dream right?!?!). I seriously get off work, come home, cook dinner, try to clean up and then watch some tv. Then I go to bed by 9:30 or 10. I am a loser and I am ok with it. I wish I had more energy but I really don't. I try really hard to spend some quality time with my heathen outside too because he does not want to sit and watch the Royals. As much as I try to coax him to watch TV he's really not into it. Unless Wipeout is on and he cracks up because people fall. A lot! And starting July 17th I will be managing 2 branches while my boss goes on maternity leave for supposedly only 10 weeks but I have a feeling September 27th is going to come and she's going to tell me that she's not coming back for 2 more weeks. So I will be even more stressed out then. And my staff is falling apart already. They complain about their hours but when I make the next weeks schedule with them with less hours they want more and vice versa. Or their shifts are too long but they want 40 hours. How does that work?
So there's my story and I'm sticking to it. Sorry for ranting and raving like a friendless lunatic but I understand how people feel that some people aren't the best friends and looking from the outside in on my life I can see how people stop being friends with other people. They say you should share your life with your friends and I guess this is what my blog is for. I am sharing why even though I don't have many friends, the friends I have are good and I enjoy my time spent with all of them. Even if it is just once in awhile.

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