Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get my roller-coaster face on

I am so excited. Tomorrow my mom is taking me to Worlds of Fun for my birthday! And no Camp Snoopy for this chick. Nope, we are going to be pushing snot-nosed little kids out of the way so we can hit up the uber-awesome roller coasters. That's right. Me and my mom are thrill seekers. The kind that had season tickets to the now-defunct amusement park that closed 2 short months after it opened here in the ICT. Oh well...we will be driving 3 hours to and from to spend about 6 or 7 hours at the park. And it will so be worth it. We will park at the back of the lot so that way when we are leaving we will be the first ones out. Ok, so maybe this isn't Vacation but still...we will be leaving about 6:45 tomorrow morning so we can get there when the gates open. I'll say it now, NERD ALERT! I don't care because tomorrow, when your sorry behinds will be sitting behind your desk yawning I will be going 360 degrees around roller coasters screaming my head off, eating funnel cakes and roasted corn and then doing it all over again. Later fools...I'm out!

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