Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give me money or give me death

Ok, so here is a conversation I had with my insurance company...

After getting a voicemail from an employee at my local insurance company that said I needed to contact them I call them back.

Lady: Ma'am. Recently insurance company sent out a postcard regarding life insurance for your husband. I was running some numbers and we can get life insurance for you and your husband and children's policy all for around $38 a month.

Me: Well right now we aren't interested in getting life insurance through your company because we already have life insurance through our company.

Her: Our life insurance is owned by you and so if your husband were to die then the money would go directly to you.

Me: I understand. I have separate insurance also by what my parents had bought for me when I was younger.

Her: Yes, well this would be separate from what you already have and your children would be covered up to $5000.

Her: You do have just the 2 children?

Me: No, we only have one.

Her: I also have insurance like that but my husband didn't and (blah blah blah...I can't remember exactness by this point in the conversation.)

It was such a random conversation. And it seemed like she was really pushing me to buy more insurance. Especially on my husband. It all seemed very awkward and I didn't really like how it was headed. Like maybe she thought I was going to whack him to get the 100k that his insurance would cover? It was all very odd and I got off the phone feeling really weird. But not weird enough to buy some insurance!


Mrs. Ruby said...

Ugh! How annoying...I hate when people don't get the POINT!!!

VandyJ said...

What a rambling conversation. She really wasn't interested in hearing you at all, unless you said sure sell me some insurance. Some people.

Heather said...

I used to get those types of calls all the time. I learnt that if you insist that they take your name off thier calling list the are obligated to do so.