Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leo's Laughs

So here are a few of the things that my little hellion...aka Leo...has been saying lately.

Tonight after I let him play outside for almost an hour in freezing temperatures:
Me: You need to pick up your toys that you just threw inside/
Him: You're mean.
Me: I'm mean because I'm making you pick up your toys?
Him: {throwing his toys in the toy bucket} Damn.
Me: What did you just say?
Him: Damn.
Me: You need to go sit in the chair in time out
Him: I don't want to.

End of story. He went in timeout but I seriously doubt it matters. He has been pretty rambunctious lately hence me letting him play outside even though it was so cold. I was hoping that would curb his unruly behavior because I think he needs to be getting his excess energy out. Luckily that was the only outburst of the evening.

And then the really funny/cute thing he did at dinner:

Him: I want a chocolate cake roll (Swiss Cake Roll)
Me: You need to eat all of your green beans
Him: I will mommy. I'm going to eat so good.
Him: Can I have my chocolate cake roll?
Me: You need to finish your green beans.
Him: Can I get down and have a piece of candy instead?

He was trying to bargain like a mad man. Alas he did not finish the green beans so he did not get any snacks. Poor little guy. I guess I am a mean mom after all! :)

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