Saturday, December 11, 2010

What time is it?

Apparently all I can muster these days are random thoughts but I rented Inception last night and decided to pop it in tonight so I could get it back without a late fee. And while that movie deserves its own post (even though I'm not sure I understood it enough to write something that people would be able to even closely comprehend) I did have a funny thought while returning the movie. I used to just be getting off work some days at 10 and then still going home to get ready to go out or at least head out to someones house to party it up. Especially on a Saturday night. But these days 10 means I'm up past my bedtime or at least I know that I should be on my way to bed. It's so funny how things change so quickly. So to sum things up: Me=nerd because I thought it was funny that I was out of my house past 10. I=lame! :)

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