Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clean Freak

So I know I've blogged before about how if I had a lot of money I would have cleaning people come to the house. Well I was lucky enough to win a 1-hour cleaning from a local cleaning company. They are coming tomorrow morning between 9:30 and 11 and it is a crew of 3 people who will start with the kitchen and bathroom and work from there. I was informed when I called the company that because I only have 1 bathroom they should get to most of the house. While I am beyond thrilled that I was the lucky one that won in a random drawing from facebook I feel kind of like a freak because a) my house is not super clean and b) I don't like to be judged based on image. So I of course took point A into my own hands and cleaned up A LOT tonight. I know that a lot of people do this but I feel very weird. Like cleaning before the clean. And I know that what I did was pick up and then they will do the deep cleaning. And for that is what I am most thankful for because I am not a deep clean type of gal. I can spot clean like the best of them but I am looking forward to see the end results of really good deep clean! Maybe I'll post some after pictures of my super clean house! I definitely won't be posting before pictures though! :)

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