Friday, March 15, 2013

Advice for the masses

I’m going to make this short and sweet…this week’s spin assignment is about advice. Best advice you’ve ever gotten, worst advice, advice you need, or don’t need. Well I think that when it comes to advice this one takes the cake.


Not all parents parent the same. What works for some, does not work for others. It doesn’t even always work for the person giving you the advice. (I’ve learned that from what I think I know and then suddenly it stops working…stupid second kids not doing exactly what their siblings did!)


Anyways…as a parent there are so many confusing situations that you will be in. If you want advice then ask. I will not give you an unsolicited opinion because I don’t even know if what I’m doing is right. It drives me crazy when parent’s spout off and think that what they are doing came directly from God’s mouth. Let me tell you something…ok let me not. Because then we’ll get into a whole other discussion about parents and who they think they are!


So to recap—if you want advice ask, research, learn. But do not think that what works for me will work for you. Or specifically what works for Jacoby will work for your little Bobby or Suzie. Try things out. Switch things around. And probably what you figure out will be fine and you’re not scarring your kid for life. But some of you will…and I’m gonna be watching out for you!


Go visit Gretchen and all the other spinners. They probably have much better advice than I do!


gretchen said...

I have a terrible habit of asking for advice, because I'm always insecure about just going with my gut. But then ignoring the advice and going with my gut. I mean, why do I even ask if I'm just going to do what I want anyway?

gretchen said...

Oh, and you're linked!