Sunday, October 11, 2009


No not the ridiculous singer, me! I've been abnormally bored with my life lately and really haven't had much that I felt needed to be discussed. The Derb has turned abnormally cold making it miserable because it's almost too cold to play outside! I did take Leo to the high school football game where he lasted for about a quarter and a half. We also went to the pumpkin patch earlier in the week where it was really nice outside but my little munchkin was not the best behaved. He has really weird mood swings so it is very frustrating. I have been working out twice a week at my spin class and I feel like it is improving my spirits if not at least improving my waist line a little bit. I have been trying to eat healthier but it makes it difficult when it is 40 degrees. No one wants to eat fruit at that ridiculous degree IN OCTOBER! So that's been my life in a nutshell lately. I don't forsee it getting any better but I will try to bore you with my everyday shenanigans! I hope this sees all of you doing well! To cold weather and crappy football!

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