Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food sharing

Are you a food sharer?  I am not.  And my dear hubby thinks this is horrible of me.  Not that I won’t share with him but because I don’t like to share with Leo.  Does that make me horrible?  If I wanted him to have some of the food I was eating I would give him some.  But last night when I was eating a gigantic piece of pumpkin pie (that I made) and Leo wanted to lick some of the whipped cream off I didn’t want to let him have any.  1) because I didn’t think he needed to eat just whipped cream and 2) I put the amount of whipped cream that I wanted on my pie and any less was not what I wanted.  Or else I would have put less on there.  But my hubby just thought that I was being the Worst. Parent. Ever.   He even told me that what was mine was theirs (Leo’s and the new baby’s).  I disagree.  I think what is mine is mine and what is theirs is theirs.  What do you think?!

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simplysarah said...

this made me laugh! I am NOT a food sharer, not even a little. I have a friend who always assume we will be splitting our meals when we go out together and it makes me nuts. If I wanted what you ordered, I would've ordered it myself. does that make me awful? maybe, but I'm ok with it :) i'd love if youd visit my blog sometime if you get a chance