Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RTT: Back to school

I haven't randomed it up for awhile and I haven't been here since last week so I have a lot of thoughts going on.  So here we go!  Oh...and don't forget to visit Stacy and the other randomers today too!

I know I know...I haven't done a first day of school post yet.  I promise I'll get one.  Soon.  Someday.  I couldn't do it on the day of because I would have freaked myself out.  But I didn't cry at all.  I was pretty darn pleased with myself!

One thing I was amazed by...on Leo's 3rd day of school he brought home a fundraiser packet.  Al-freaking-ready.  Some people's kids aren't even back in school yet!  At least they're selling something people use.  Trash bags.  Better than junk!


This weekend Jacoby was overly cranky and we (I) couldn't figure out what was going on.  The hubby mentioned that he might be teething.  I scoffed and said that he just got his two top teeth.  He couldn't possibly be getting any more.  But I looked online to see the order of teeth to come in and figured I'd take a look in his mouth to check out the goods.  Lo and behold the little bugger had one tooth that was already out and another trying to come through.  Whoops!  So I doped him up on ibuprofen and orajel and he became only reasonably cranky.  A much needed improvement!


Right now I have a peach pie in the oven. My very first peach pie try.  I had a fresh peach that my mom had gotten from the farmers market and it made me want a peach pie.  So we went to a different farmers market over the weekend and I got some peaches.  Apparently making a peach pie is not as simple as just plopping in a pie (you have to do something called blanching...who knew?!) and so right now it is baking.  Wish me luck!


Some jerk won the lottery last Wednesday that was supposed to be my ticket to early retirement/homeschooling mom.  So yeah.  I have been going to work.  Lame!  Now it's back to 50 million.  I think I could still handle that.  So excuse me while I go buy my lottery ticket for Wednesday night!

Ok that's all for today.  Happy Tuesday and happy randoming!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I completely understand about the school post. I didn't cry until I got home and wrote it. :-)
Good luck on the peach pie, sounds delicious!