Thursday, August 9, 2012

Daddy Love

When the hubby and I got married we knew we were going to want kids.  We didn't know when or exactly how many but kids were definitely part of the plan.

2 1/2 years later came Leo.  And he was love at first sight.  Of course all mom's would say that.  But his dad was smitten too.  And so began the bond of a dad and son.  I saw the love between them every time I saw the boys together.  Whether it was playing video games, watching football, baseball or basketball or just listening to music.  And everything dad did Leo wanted to do to.  And so it went for about 3 years.  Then I started to get the itch.  I wanted another baby.  But the hubby always was like, no we have a good thing going.  How can I love another baby as much as I love Leo.  But I always told him that he would be able to love another just as much.  And then came the exciting news...we were going to have baby number 2!

Since last October I have seen the bond between Leo and the hubby grow more than I ever thought it could.  But I have also seen a bond start to form between the hubby and Jacoby.  It's so sweet to see him go in Jacoby's room in the morning and have conversations with him. Or just hold him while dancing and singing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song.  I love it.

And honestly...every time I see him loving on the boys it makes me find a bigger place in my heart for the man I already love.

Go see Gretchen and the other spins about family.  There were a million ways to spin it and I've talked about my love for my family (big and small) but I thought a dad's view on family would be a nice change!


gretchen said...

Oh Kendra, this is so sweet. As a complete Daddy's girl, I absolutely love Daddy love. It's very special.

You are linked!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Good one! :) It is so neat to hear about a daddy bond. You have a sweet family!

Ginny Marie said...

There's nothing like watching your husband being with your children! I have two daughters, and they are completely in love with their daddy. What a sweet Spin!

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