Friday, August 31, 2012

Leo's Laughs

I haven't done this in a while but since school has started we have heard a lot of silly things coming from Leo's mouth.  Here are just a few...

  • Leo loves to use the word hilarious.  Except he doesn't say it right.  He only says larious.  So everything that is funny is that is so larious.  The hubby and I have found this to be amusing so we have started to say it too.  I will miss those things once he learns the right way to say everything.
  • Jacoby has been really snotty lately (with allergies and a sinus infection) and the other morning while we were getting ready for work and school he told me that Jacoby smelled like boogers and death.  Sure enough, Jacoby had snot on his face and he had pooped. 
  • We had Hamburger Helper the other night for dinner.  It was just one with a cheese sauce, lasagna-like noodles and hamburger.  I figured this would be a meal-win for Leo becuase he loves noodles, cheese and hamburger.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  After we finished (and he took forever so he was the last to get down from the table) he took his plate to the sink.  He came back out of the kitchen and said...If we have leftovers I am not eating that tomorrow.  Just so matter of factly.  The kid is so larious!

There are so many others that I just can't think of.  I need to carry a recorder so I can record him while he's talking because he always says something that I just don't picture him saying it until he does.  And then I crack up.  Becuase some things, like the hubby says, if they're funny-I'm going to laugh.

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