Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Knock Knock (Is anyone there?)

Holy mother. It's almost been a full year since I've blogged (on this blog). And that makes me sad. And a little anxious because wow. A lot has happened in the past year. Nothing major, but a lot of little things that make life crazy and busy and oh so enjoyable.

A few things...I'm still blogging over at Wichita Moms Blog and I love it. I do an article a month and sometimes an extra one here or there but it's manageable. I love the camaraderie I get from the other mamas and the extra benefits that are thrown in here and there (hello cotton candy martinis at Moms Night Out).

Jacoby is now 4 (!) and a big kid. It's crazy to think he's the last baby I'll have. Seeing as I only had two but ya know. He still loves his snuggles and his Brown Bear. And I just want to keep his "little" bottled up to keep forever. He just started Blast Ball at the DRC which is the thing before T-Ball. It is a hot mess but after one game he seems to enjoy it.

Leo is 9 and is a rock star. He still has the tendencies of a needy, emotional kid but overall he seems to have moved past all the negatives that he was dealing with. There are still some moments where "bad Leo" likes to shine but his goodness shows in more ways than one. He is a loving brother most of the time and seeing him last night with Jacoby after his Blast Ball game showed me how much he cares for him. He plays soccer and baseball competitively and is extremely athletic.

Leonard is still an avid ghost hunter and now is the owner (?) of Everyday-Legacy Paranormal. They've been working with a producer from Kansas who has worked on shows on TV to try to get a show of their own. Not sure that it's going to work out but still cool for sure.

I think for the purpose of this blog there is no way I can ever document everything I want so I am going to try to photo-document from here on out. I'll try to add pictures and little quips as I go but a photo-documentary will be easier to manage than full-fledged lengthy-worded posts. Hope some of you have stuck around, but if not I completely understand!

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