Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RTT: Christmas, surgery and other random things

Random thoughts for a random Tuesday.  Yep that about sums up my life right now…pretty darn random!  Let’s go!


·         Friday Jacoby had his second surgery in what we hope will cure his ongoing ear infections.  He had the original tubes that were put in in June replaced and had his adenoids taken out.  Needless to say the past four days were not fun.  He is still really clingy and cries a lot.  He also isn’t sleeping very well.  And has more snot than I’ve ever seen (or so it feels like) coming out of his nose and mouth.  So gross.  But he went back to daycare today.  The doctor said he could have gone back yesterday but as a mommy I didn’t feel like he should.  So I kept him home one extra day and relished in his sweet skin and as many hugs and kisses as I could give.  Poor little guy.

·         When thinking about how much time I spent this weekend taking care of my little guy I realized how much I did not take care of myself.  In the 4 days I was off work I showered twice.  I at least brushed my teeth every day.  Between keeping a house running and keeping a baby alive while not feeling well AND dealing with a  rowdy 5 year old I had no time to think of my hygiene.  It’s a little ridiculous.  I admire all those stay at home moms who can get themselves ready every day.  That would be the last thing I would feel needed to get done.  I guess it’s good I’m forced to go to work so I don’t start to smell!

·         On a much happier note my Redskins are at the top of their division for now with only 2 games left in the season.  If they win out they will be going to the playoffs for the first time in 4 or 5 years.  So excited!

·         Only 1 week until Christmas! Woo hoo!  All our presents are bought and wrapped.  I am so ready for the Christmas festivities to begin.  Our first engagement is Saturday with my in-laws.  Then I have to work on Christmas Eve until 3 (barf) but after that I will take the boys to church and then we will spend Christmas eve and Christmas day together.  I can’t wait.

·         We did not put up our Christmas tree this year.  We decided little fingers would get things that he didn’t need to get.  While we explained this to Leo he seemed to care for about one second then went on his merry way.  Well this did not sit well with my niece (4 years old) apparently.  She came to visit Jacoby with my dad on Saturday and noticed we didn’t have a tree.  She didn’t say anything to me, but the next day when her and her dad were out shopping for Operation Holiday stuff for his work he was explaining why they were there and how some people can’t afford Christmas so that’s what they were helping with.  She then proceeded to tell him that they needed to buy us a tree because we couldn’t afford one.  He tried to explain to her that we could and that there was probably a good reason we didn’t have it up she just wouldn’t let it go.  Finally he just told her that that wasn’t what they were there for and to move along.  The next day at school her class made ornaments and she made a Christmas tree and wanted to give it to us so we could put it up on the wall over our presents so we would have a tree.  I thought that was the sweetest thing.  All I did was tell her our tree was in the garage and she thought that was the funniest thing ever. 


Enough random from me.  Go visit Stacy and throw down your own random!

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