Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dear Santa

Gretchen's spin assignment this week is what's on our Christmas list.  Here is a sampling of what I would like for Christmas.  Most is practical, while there are a few indulgences on it as well!

No, not the body...wait yes the body and the kettle bell!

An RGIII jersey. 

A hand mixer.  Mine was broken in the infamous hand mixing incident of 2012

A new scale

Ok, this wasn't really on my list but I would love some giant earrings!

Ok, not a clock...just more time! 

Images here:
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gretchen said...

Oh man, I could use some time too! An excellent list. I hope that Santa brings you all the things you wish for. Especially those giant earrings!

You are linked!

Gene Adcock said...

Love the way just a click on the picture links to the location for purchasing! One smart cookie!

Gene Adcock said...

This is not Gene, just his computer. It is Janice with I got nothing. And when I tried the click thing the second time, I just went to a slide show.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That is a most excellent list! I hope Santa brings you everything you've asked for - and I could use some time if he's got any to spare. ;)

Dear Santa,