Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Whew. It's Monday. And I've been absent for some time recently. And I finally figured out why I go through some writer's block. I think it's when stuff is not always going well with our lives and when I read other people's blogs I see so much happy and good stuff going on. I obviously know that people's lives are not perfect and they mostly blog the good but when you feel like you will only be complaining then I am not keen on that. So I'm going to try to come in with a cup half full attitude and start up again.

This weekend was Mother's Day. Did you know that? I'm sure you didn't...if you lived under a rock. Because I'm pretty sure every. single. social media timeline of mine was blown up with mom pictures, posts, etc. And I'm ok with it! I love my mom. And I hope my boys love me. But here is what I spent my Mother's Day weekend doing.

We went to the park bright and early Sunday morning. After the hubs ran to McDonalds for breakfast. He said it was for me but I would have been fine with some bacon. He said it was so I didn't have to make and clean up anything. I'll take it!

And Saturday night I took my mom and aunt/god-mother to a show at one of the local theatres in town to see All Ways A Woman. It is an updated version of Menopausapalooza and it was hilarious. We were laughing out loud. My mom was wiping away tears she was laughing so hard. We also went with a few of my old work friends. All in all it was a pretty fabulous evening.
Picture: top left my mom and I, top right: my friend Judy and I, bottom left: my friend Shelley, and bottom right: my aunt and I.
Other memorable moments of our weekend:
Jacoby got sent home from daycare Friday night with a fever of 101.9. He was acting normal and so we didn't think too much of it. Got him to bed early and let him be. Saturday morning, he was acting a little cranky and was running a slight temperature. Laid him down for a nap and 4 hours later (!) we got him up. Leo went in the room and he said he reeked. I went in expecting a dirty diaper but he had thrown up. Then before I left to go out I got thrown up on and right before I was getting ready to leave the hubs got thrown up on. He wasn't able/willing to get to the bathroom before Jacoby got it everywhere so I was left to clean up puke in my dress and heels. Then Sunday he woke up acting normal, we all went to the park, he played, napped and then that evening he started having some really severe diapers. This morning I gave him something to drink to see if he would go again and be decided if I would stay home with him or take him and of course he went. So here I am at home. He is acting fine otherwise, no fever, eating normally, drinking normally. Except every time he eats anything he has a nasty diaper. I'm on vacation to have a garage sale Thursday and Friday so I'm hoping this passes.

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Amy said...

Looks like fun! I have to say I'm guilty of only posting the good things. Believe me, our life is crazy a good majority of the time. I've just decided that I'm only going to post the fun things since that is what I want to remember when we go back to look at posts later on. :) Sorry about that but let me know if you ever want to hear the other side of things...haha.