Tuesday, May 5, 2015

RTT: Police Questioning, Meal Plans and Allergy Testing

It's Tuesday and I'm off work. Hallelujah! Actually I'm off work but it seems my days off are far more busy than my days working. I have a First Communion breakfast for Leo, have to go to the police station and then taking Leo for allergy testing. So exciting.

This is very random...I got a call from a police detective on Friday asking me to come in to the police station for questions about a crime I might have witnessed. I incredulously asked him where I might have witnessed this crime and he told me the KFC. I kid you not. So I proceed to tell him that we hardly ever go to KFC but that the last time we went I went through the drive-through. He was like, but you've been recently? So I tried to get more information out of him but he told me he couldn't interview me over the phone. So I have to go in today. So the jury is out on what's going to happen. From what I remember about the last time we went to KFC we had just come from soccer and I had two kids in the backseat. The picture of an ideal witness. Ha!

Speaking of KFC let's talk about meal planning (see what I did there?!). I love a good meal plan. And I am usually pretty good about sticking to them. At least I had been until last week. I have gotten into the (almost) summer funk where nothing sounds good to eat. All the foods we normally eat seem too heavy for the hot-ish weather we've been having. So if you have any good ideas on summery recipes shoot me a message or leave it in the comments!

I am also taking Leo in for allergy testing today. I'm pretty  nervous only because I've had it done several times and I know how uncomfortable it is. He's been having a lot of health issues lately and this is the next thing the ENT wants to look at. The last two things he's said I just keep thinking that this is what's wrong so we'll have some answers and now we're on number three and again I hope that this will answer our questions. So say a quick prayer, throw up some happy thoughts, whatever you want and we'll keep them close when we go!

Hope you all have a very random Tuesday! Stop by Stacy's and enjoy your Cinco De Mayo! I will leave you with this. Haha!
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