Monday, September 26, 2011

The Weekend That Was

Wow. Another weekend has come and gone.  Mine started off horribly Friday after work when I got some bad news regarding work but that isn’t something I’m ready to blog about yet…I still have a job but I’m not as happy to go to work as I once was.  Of course I then had to go to work on Saturday but then once I got off Saturday night my weekend got exponentially better!


My Sunday started off extra early when Leo woke up at 6:45(!) and I just stayed up.  I decided that since I was up and I needed to go to the grocery store I would.  I got home and made us a nice breakfast of pancake, bacon and eggs and cleaned up the kitchen and put away groceries.  It was actually really nice to have all of that accomplished by 10.  Then I watched some Indiana Jones with Leo and then we started to get ready for our day.  Leo and I were going to the pumpkin patch with my mom.  We got to the pumpkin patch around 1 and stayed until 3:30.  It was so much fun (and that will be a post for a different day…spin cycle I’m talking to you!) but it was definitely time to go when we did!


We got home around 4:30 and the rest of the evening was just spent hanging out.  I did make dinner for Sunday and Monday so all the boys would have to do Monday night was put it in the oven since I have to work late.  It was pretty simple.  And then of course the kitchen got cleaned AGAIN.  It seems like the dishes were ganging up on me!  Then bathtime for Leo and bed for me by 8:30 after laundry had been put away.  It was a very eventful day!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Spin Cycle is listening! And sorry for the cruddy start to your weekend but the rest of it sounds wonderful!