Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RTT: Very Random Thoughts

I know it's Tuesday and I know it's for random but this week you get lots of VERY random.

  • We got rid of our digital cable and opted for satellite. We did have to sign a 2 year contract but as far as I can see so far it will be worth it. Especially with my maternity leave coming soon and we got 3 months free of HBO, Starz, Cinemax and Showtime. Pretty excited about that!
  • While getting rid of our cable we also opted to get rid of our phone landline. I'm not sure how I feel about this but we hardly ever use it and both the hubby and I have cell phones that don't really have a lot of connection issues. So hopefully it works out for the best.
  • I was feeling very thankful this evening. I have been meaning to buy some thank you cards for some random things that people have done and I had packed up all my thank you cards while getting ready for the move. So I finally bought some this evening and sat down and wrote them out. So it made me very thankful to see what people have done for me.
  • My sister-in-law's are throwing me a baby shower brunch or BBQ (I'm not sure which) and I feel very awkward. Mainly because it's my second baby and so I'm one of those people that think showers are for baby #1 but am extremely grateful that they want to do something so sweet for me. I also feel like it might be awkward because I don't have a lot of people to invite because I don't have a lot of friends. So if any of you bloggy friends want to head up to good ol' Kansas for a baby shower feel free to shoot me your address and you can come! :)
  • The weather here has finally changed to a decent temperature but now that I am in my 3rd trimester I feel like all I want to do is sleep. And apparently the hubby feels the same way because I am having to pick up the slack where he is leaving off. I love the man dearly but seriously...I'm 32 weeks along...a little help shredding some cheese and cutting some tomatoes would be awesome!
  • On the creepy side of me I took my phone into Leo's daycare and snapped a picture of their schedule. They aren't in their "assigned" room in the morning when it's breakfast time so no one saw me do it. I did it for when I am on maternity leave and keep Leo home a few days a week I can try to keep him on a less-strict schedule than they do but still have some ideas in mind of something to keep him occupied other than the Backyardigans and Dora. So I have the schedule and now all I need to figure out what the heck circle time and centers consist of. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  • I made some extremely delicious chicken tacos last night for dinner. We hadn't had them in a while and so I decided to make them and they turned out awesome. I was very pleased with myself! I also made a list of dinners for the next two weeks and I bought my groceries and spent under $55 for 2 weeks! I will have to make at least 1 trip during the next week to get more milk but between the meat we already had and the stuff in our cupboards we had quite a bit so that was pretty awesome as well. I love it when I can make a list and stick to it!
  • Evenings have been a real struggle lately for Leo. He starts to get sleepy and cranky around 7 and I can tell it's time for bed but if I put him to bed that early he wakes up sooooo early. Plus 7 just seems so early especially when I sometimes don't even get off work until 8. If he was already in bed then I wouldn't get to see him at all. Any suggestions on what to do to help ease the evening angry's let me know!
Ok. Enough random spouting. I'm sorry if you feel dumber for reading this! Haha. SOmetimes I feel that way when I write it! Happy Tuesday!  Go hit up Stacy to see all the other random ramblings out there. And she's also hosting a super-awesome giveaway for her 3rd blogiversary.  You can choose wine or no wine.  So yeah, it's definitely worth it to check it out!


Anonymous said...

When we got DirecTV, I got the same 3 month deal AND I was on maternity leave as well. It was TOTALLY worth it. :) Happy RTT.

Big Mama Cass said...

Enjoy the baby shower. Even though it is for baby #2.. it's still just to celebrate! Plus you get free stuff! :)

Toni said...

We ditched our landline phones years ago. We didn't use it or need it since we have cell phones. One less bill to pay!

Happy Tuesday!

Kristine said...

I wrote out a few thank you cards this weekend for people that had been wonderful to me. Made me feel good and it made them feel AWESOME!!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Just enjoy the shower since they're doing it because they love you. :-)
As for the days you have Leo home, have you asked him what they do during circle time and center? I know at Sprite's school, on Thursday mornings, they have presentation with the letter of the week, showing something that begins with the featured letter. And during their work centers or stations, they work on pasting paper in shapes of the letter they're working on or number and pretend to be certain people. She likes it. :-)