Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Update: 31 weeks

How far along: 31 weeks!

Baby Size: Head of Lettuce. AKA 4 pounds and 19 inches long

Weight Gain: As of my scale at home 30 pounds. I'm not too concerned about the weight gain anymore because my doctor says my blood pressure is great and my glucose test was perfect. So I'm just trying to keep doing what I've been doing and hopefully not blow up the last 9 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing lots of dresses and not a lot of pants because it has been a constant stream of 100+ degree days. We've finally had a cool streak (2 days of 80 degree days!!!) and so I'm sure I'll bust out a few fall clothes soon. But with only 9 weeks to go I'm not planning on buying any more maternity clothes and just forging through with what I have already.

Sleep: Falling asleep is becoming more of a struggle because I'm not able to find a comfortable position but some nights I can sleep through the night without getting up so that's awesome!

Best Moments: Making it through every passing day is a best moment because I know some people aren't as blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy.

Movements: Still moving and grooving in there. I'm sure that will start to slow down in the upcoming weeks.

Cravings: Sweets will be my downfall. The other night I went to bed just thinking about how good ice cream, cookies and pie all sounded. And then this weekend we had 2 family get-togethers with a LOT of sweet snacks so I definitely over-indulged. Oh well!

Looking forward to: My appointment on Friday. I'm to my every 2 weeks appointments. My last one I was in and out and so I'm sure they will continue to be the same.

Symptoms: No symptoms as of late. So that is awesome!

And last but not least stretch marks: The same as before. Haven't noticed any new ones. Thankfully!

With all the craziness that is life I haven't really updated on my life lately and since this is baby related I'll put it in this update. They are re-finishing the floors where I work and when I was walking back from getting lunch my foot slipped on a slippery spot and down I went. I wasn't going to even call my doctor because I could still feel the baby moving and wasn't too concerned but one of the girls I work with is marrying a doctor and she was overly-concerned. So I called. And they told me I should go to the hospital to be monitored. So I went when I got off work and they hooked me up to the monitors and there I stayed for about an hour and a half. Alas...everything was fine as I suspected but of course it's good that I went in and got checked just to be on the safe side. So a little scary moment but all turned out fine!

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